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Parker 75 Clip Improvisation


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I was thinking to share my happiness with you



This summer I bought a Parker 75 and a Parker 65 for a really low price.

The seller stated that the pens are broken but I was optimistic.


After an inspection they were in a really bad shape, the P65 had a destroyed section and the P75 was not writing at all only when applying a large amount of pressure, the clip was missing, the chrome clutch ring was rotten off, the clutch missing too, it had different tassies (flat at the cap, dished at barrel).


It looked like this:



I'm not a purist so i started to improvise to make it look reasonable and to make it write without the original parts.

I was able to find a clutch spring in an old noname fountainpen which worked well in my case.

Because the P65 was hopeless without a new section I took off the clip with the end jewel and mounted it on the P75.

After these modifications I was pleased with the pens looks. But it was not functional yet. After reading here that

also a piece of 35mm film can be used to spread the tines I tried it. After a few tries and adjustments the nib was

functional again smooth and wet, the only thing was that it seemed that it had a much thicker line than an "F" nib.

But it is perfect for me.


Even like this I'm really happy that I can use it.

And this is how it looks with the P65 clip:



I know that it is really beaten up and almost every part comes from a different country (cap -USA, barrel+nib -France, clip+convertor -England, clutch spring -China) but it works :D


What do you think about the clip?








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