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Hm, he doesn't seem to be that quick if it comes to customer communication.

Bought a pen some days ago and still have no info whatsoever on my order besides the two autoreplys "Thank you for your purchase".



Apparently there was some public holiday in Japan, which caused the delay.


I recieved three personal mails from pisuke to the one i wrote when i asked for the tracking number of the parcel.

In the first pisuke excused the inconveniences, in the second it was stated that the parcel is ready to ship with another apologia formula, the last mail has the tracking number and a link to the JP Post office.


So after all this seems to be very good and customer friendly - let's hope the pen arrives well.


Hephocapalytirosises and such


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The Japanese have many random public holidays. I was thinking that might have been the case when you wrote the first post. Given the time differences and the need to run the business, I always allot 24-36 hours for a reply from Japanese sellers.


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