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Fountain Pen Display Items For Library


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So, in the never-ending quest for interesting displays for our library (I work at the 2nd largest library building in Washington State, and the most upscale, LOL)

I have been volunteered to do a fountain pen display, which will include books we have on the subject, and maybe some books about writing letters, fictional epistolary novels, blah blah blah.


In addition to a few fountain pens, an inkwell, and maybe a blotter can anyone give me a few ideas of anything else I should include?


I am going to a couple of antique stores before my display in October to find a dip pen (for historical purposes), and I'll put in a bottle of Ink or two, but any other ideas?

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A writing slope?

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An inkwell?

My, you could have a double, a single, a double with letter holders, glass...marrble, veniered wood.

A pair of fountain pen holders....put one open by it to show it too went in, not a ball point holder.

Was thinking of mine....not thinking what a libarary might have or the librarians might loan.



Slope is good.

Dip pen holder....

One of the ink bottles with a pen holder shelf.

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Fun! I have been thinking about the same thing for the display area at our town's library. There's always something historical/interesting in the display case.


How about jogging the older folks memories? Have a few sheets showing the big brands. One sheet showing a few Parker historical models, another a few Sheaffer models, etc. Maybe a copy of a Mark Twain Conklin ad.


How about a photo of schoolchildren using them? That's a comment I have gotten from a number of people - Sister Mary Ethel would let me (or make me) refill the pens when I was good (bad).


A modern pen to show that the hobby is alive and well.


How about a printout of one of the cutaway views from Richard Binder's site if he would allow it.


Have fun!


One test is worth a thousand expert opinions.

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A very good project indeed. Good luck in finding items in the shops. In my antique shop travels anything

pen related that is any good is very hard to come by.

Would be interested in seeing what you display.

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Embossing stamp and wax Paraphernalia, genuine Vellum, laid paper, quill (without the feathers), Pen knife to prepare the quill, please post pictures of the display.

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I'm going to do both modern and antique pens. We have books about FP collecting, and how-to calligraphy books. too.


All great ideas, thanks, am planning on spending this weekend tracking down some of these items. My display will be October 1-21, and yes I will definitely take a picture. :D

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a pen or two, converter/cartridge, ink sac/lever filler, disassembled with parts described.. also an explanation of capillary action.


perhaps a timeline showing quill, dip pen, and forward.. colorful ink swabs would be eyecatching.


great idea BTW!

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Prety good idea. I always dreaming of make a display in my local library of fountain pens, typewriters, and analogic mechanical film cameras but never did it (to lazy).

In your case I think you can display one or two fountain pens, ink bottle , and good paper (for printers , it is good), so the people can write a line or two, or better yo can set a visitors diary

(A4 size or bigger) so you will recolect their impresions for you and maybe for us in fpn, dont worry about dip pens, show them real fountain pens, diferent sizes in nibs and if you can print

a paper explaining what is an xf, an f, an m, and a broad, the better, dont forget some words, stubs, flexis , semiflexis etc, history of some legends trade marks, Montblac, Sheaffers, Parkers, Esterbrooks etc, etc, what is vintage or modern, filling mechanisms etc, what kind of pens used what writers etc, etc, if you display fountain pens (diferent nib sizes) dont forget to clip in them a

ribon or thin metal chain tied to the desk so nobady falls in the temptation to steal them. I think the secret goal is to entice the visitors to write with a fountain pen, if someone is extremely interested in our pasión for fp have a bag of varsitys at hand and give one to that person.

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