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Latest Addition (Parkers) To My Collection


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I came in contact with a collector. We were sharing pics of our collections and he mentioned that he had 2 doufolds that he wanted to sell, but they had been left with some ink for a long time. so there feeds might be clogged. he offered them both for around 165$/101 pounds/127 euros shipped. Based on the information I got on the fountain pen network, I was aware that cleaning the feeds won't be a big deal. so I said yes.


The pens didn't have boxes so he couriered them in a plastic pilot pen case.he even included 2 convertors one premium and the other cheaper slide one for them.


finally the pens....

the parker international godron fp

the parker international black gt fp


with my 149...I guess because of the angle of the photo it is looking extra large.




the image included is of the pens after I had cleaned the pens feed. the pens were in excellent shape for there age... and only 1 pen had some black ink in the feed, the other was almost clean. :D



P.s : excuse me for the photo. I clicked it with my phone and went a little overboard with the phone's photoeditor. :P

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I really like the modern Duofolds, the Godron is a lovely pen in particular.


What size nibs have they got?

i like the cap rinds on the modern doufold better than the earlier models... but accept that I prefer the earlier version more. anyways these are my first doufolds. : )


they both have medium nibs.


a few more pictures(ipad pics in better lighting.)






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Sweet - love both of them!



"may our fingers remain ink stained"

Handwriting - one of life's pure pleasures

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