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Contemp Pen Storage With Pull-Out Drawer?


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After extensive searching for pen storage, I feel like I've come to the end of my internet sleuthing skills and looked at more etsy boxes than I care to count.


Does anyone have suggestions for a contemporary, Scandinavian-style wood box with a pull-out drawer that looks like this one from atelier de la foret, but doesn't cost 300 euros:


The closest I could find is a box on etsy, but it is just as expensive:



I like the one from pennstateid. but am looking for one that doesn't have foam inserts and is protected from light.

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I know, doesn't it? As it happens, after I started this thread I came across an old photo of pen boxes on google that linked back here, emailed the member to ask about his pen storage and he very kindly sold me one of them for next to nothing...so my frenzied searching ended here. Good things come to those who wait sometimes!

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I made three myself with chocolate, cigars and ??? boxes !!! I found trays to put inside and it's fine !!!!! I'll try to post a few pictures of it ...

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