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Colorado Pen Show In Denver, 11-12 October 2014

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The first annual Colorado Pen Show is just five weeks away (October 11th and 12th in Denver) and we are getting really excited about the event.




Argent Blue

Ryan Krusac Studios

Two Hands Paperie




American Cursive Handwriting

Anderson Pens

Argent Blue

Arizona Pen Company

Classic Pens

Joel Hamilton Inkpen Vintage Fountain Pen

Oxfordianpens Pen Repair


Ryan Krusac Studios

Sign With Prestige

Susan Wirth & Associates


Door Prizes!!!

We will give away prizes each day.

  • Ryan Kruzac has provided two very exciting pens - one will be given away each day. You really have to see these pens! One is the artist's proof of his new limited edition Colorado Ballad. This pen will be offered for the very first time at the show
  • The latest edition of Fountain Pens of the World provided by Andreas Lambrou!
  • A Paradise Pens 5280 Summit Carbon Fiber pen provided by Colorado Pen Posse member Dirk Anderson!


  • Why Some Fountain Pens Can Make Anyone's Handwriting Look Good - Susan Wirth
  • Zentangle - Marie Hornback (Sign With Prestige)

Keep in Touch!






The more I know about computers, the more I like my pens.


Colorado Pen Show

5-7 October 2018

Denver, Colorado

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Very excited for this! I plan on driving out from olathe, Kansas once my fiance gets done with school on Friday.

I-70 west, get off the Quebec exit, one block south - easy peasy :)


We look forward to meeting you!

The more I know about computers, the more I like my pens.


Colorado Pen Show

5-7 October 2018

Denver, Colorado

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I was really hoping to go, had my room booked and everything, and then my car starts acting up. I am really disappointed I wont be able to attend. Heartbroken, actually... always next year I guess.

"Do you know the legend about cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to."

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I shall be dropping by this afternoon after visiting the botanic gardens to see the Chihuly glass show.













I ride a recumbent, I play go, I use Macintosh so of course I use a fountain pen.

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Great fun. Lots of talk about pens and smart phone credit card apps. Got some cool stuff but bought no pens. Played with a lot of remarkable fountain pens I could never have otherwise seen or touched.


Congratulations and my heartfelt appreciation to all who struggled to put on the event.

I ride a recumbent, I play go, I use Macintosh so of course I use a fountain pen.

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Met a lot of nice people and bought a gorgeous pen; our group, the Colorado Pen Posse, made a lot of new friends in our EXCELLENT first-ever show! Thanks everybody!!!!

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Such a great time! Thanks to everyone who came out to our first ever Colorado Pen Show, and a HUGE thanks to the exhibitors/pen pros who treated everyone so very well. It was a beautiful weekend :)


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I missed the show but thanks to internet, paypal and one very helpful FPGeek I was able to purchase a Waterman 55 with a no 5 nib from Joel Hamilton. Not a wet noodle writer apparently but with some flex for me to try out.

Edited by Mags

Rob Maguire (Plse call me "M or Mags" like my friends do...)I use a Tablet, Apple Pencil and a fountain pen. Targas, Sailor, MB, Visconti all wonderful.

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Brian Anderson

Terrific first show. I have seen some shows with years behind them that were not run as well. Ed, his lovely wife and the Pen Posse are to be congratulated on making everyone from dealers to attendees welcome and having everything taken care of. Next year it will be too big for that room I suspect!

www.esterbrook.net All Esterbrook, All the Time.
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