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Parker 21 Hood And Clutch Ring Question


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I'd been cleaning out a Parker 21 Super and noticed the hood started to unscrew. I'm thinking "Oh, I didn't know that". Seeing inky gunk I run some water over the threads. "Let's unscrew it all the way". OK, so it comes off easily. The collector unit with feed and nib seem relatively clean, so I rinse off the rest of any old inky residue from the threads.


Of course now when I screw the hood back on, to get it snug up against the clutch ring it turns too far so the hood tip overshoots the nib so they're not aligned. If I leave them aligned, the hood isn't on tight enough to not turn when you grip it.


So what's the correct solution here?


Can the nib be turned so it'll line up with the tip of the hood? Or is there something else?


Thanks gang!

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Twist the nib/collector as needed.

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I know I'm getting into FPN controversial ground with sealant comments,* but I always align the nib just a teeny bit past where it seems perfect, use a very little section sealant or shellac on the threads, then thread it tight so that it lines up perfectly. You won't have a problem with the hood leaking or coming loose.



* Cautionary disclaimer

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Twist the nib/collector as needed.

or, if you remember, mark the nib/collector at vertical against where they match the barrel before pulling them apart, and also mark the exact angle of the hood when it comes off the threads. The combination of those two shouild get you an aligned pen when you reassemble. Then you can always make the small corrections by twisting the nib/collector.


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Well I just rotated the whole collector unit with nib inside it slightly to the left or right as needed, I didn't need to disassemble the collector unit. If it had looked very dirty I would have gone to that extra step but it didn't seem necessary.


Clayton, I've read that other thread and this pen didn't leak before this, and so my guess is it won't leak now. Knock on wood. I simply screwed the hood on finger tight and it doesn't seem to be shifting in place while writing. I've filled it and will do some test writing tomorrow and over the next few days to check for leaks. The hood didn't seem to have any shellac on the threads, if there was, it was very very small dot just to hold it in place. So in the end if the hood shifts when I removed the barrel to refill the pen, then yes a little stick-em will be in order. I'll just see how that goes.

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