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I have an old Parker squeeze converter which at first sight seems to work well, holds a lot of ink and is not leaking.

However when I squeeze it the rubber has some cracks in one part , the rubber is not yet cracked completely but sooner or later it will. I can still use it and it also feels flexible.


I was thinking if there is any preventing work or something.

Can I melt the rubber with the hot red point of a needle so the crack is no longer spreading ?

Or can I glue it somehow?


Thank you!

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Your only solution is to replace the sac. Once rubber starts to deteriorate there is nothing you can do to stop it.

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Don't bother- use it til it leaks and resac (easier solution is to replace it with a modern twist converter)

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As has been pointed out, there is nothing you can do to forestall the failure of the sac. You do want to use something though, because it will fail sooner rather than later, and when it goes you'll have ink everywhere. Unless there's some reason why you want to keep the old converter going, or you can replace the sac yourself, buy a new converter. Most guys charge $15 for a basic resac, even of a converter, and a new one retails for $10.


Getting the nipple out without damaging it can be a challenge. Use the back end of a drill bit that fits in the center of the nipple to support it while you work the plug out out of the barrel. I would install one of the PVC sacs from Woodbin so that you don't have to replace it again. Not certain which size, but I would try a #16 or #18.

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