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A Tale Of Two Journals


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Hi Penfolk,


I am going to attempt a review of two different journals that. I found today while searching for ones that would fit into my Oberon Design leather journal covers. Bear with me, it's the first real review I have written and I will probably miss something important.


First up is a hardcover journal, very similar in look to the Strathmore sketchbook that comes with the large journal. The overall dimensions are a tad smaller, perhaps .25 inches in both length and width. (I don't know how to insert photos as I go along, so they will all appear at the end.)

It's called the Essential Journal, and is a Punctuate/ Barnes and Noble product. Inside the paper is a fairly bright white tending toward grey rather than yellow. It has 224 pages. It is substantial paper, much like the sketchbook but much smoother. I have photos of the outside, and a test page with the inked pens that happened to be on my desk. The paper has a bit of tooth to it, not quite as smooth as Rhodia et al. But it is great for FPs in that it is very non-absorbent,the lines are incredibly clear with no feathering and no ghosting or bleed through to the back. A great paper for broad and stub nibs. As you can see the lines do not go all the way to the edge of the paper, that might bother some people. It also has a ribbon marker, but no elastic band to hold it shut. I think it's an excellent journal for the money, it cost $5.95.

Next up is the Essential Notebook made by Picadilly. It is almost identical in size, shape, paper and cover to a hardcover Moleskine. The paper is much less substantial than that of the first journal, and as you can see from the picture the ink spreads out a lot more. If you take a magnifying glass to it you might see feathering, but it isn't really noticeable to me (it might be to others, I'm inexperienced.) This one would be better for fine or medium nibs, and probably drier inks as well. The paper shades yellow just like the Moleskine paper, and there is some ghosting but no bleed through. It has a back pocket just like the Moleskine, a ribbon marker, an elastic band. and an impressed "P" on the back cover. Again a very good value for $5.98.

As you can see they both for into my large and Moleskine sized Oberon journal covers. The Picadilly notebook was a bit of a tighter fit, but I think that is due to the hard rather than soft cover. The size is fine otherwise.


Well that's it! I hope it's helpful. Apologies for the not-great iPad photos.


Drat! I had two more photos I wanted to attach but I have maxed out my photo allowance. I'll go delete some stuff.





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Here are links to the other photos, of the back of the page of the Picadilly notebook, and the way they both fit into the journal covers. Thanks for reading my review.



https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1409810249__image.jpg' alt='image.jpg' />}

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Thanks for the review! Do you have a preference between the Piccadilly and the Punctuate notebooks? Why?


Ooh! Those journal covers are such lovely colors.

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