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Omas Questions


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I recently discovered Omas pens but I don't understand which pens are which.

Some of theme are called "Arte Italiana," some are just called "Italiana" and some are called "Arco." Another term I know of is "Milord." Are they all part of the same series? What do the different terms mean?

All these pens look similar, however. The only differences I can see are differently shaped grip sections and colour. Why are the grip sections different?

I know that "Paragon" attached to the name means it's oversize. Do all Omas pens have a Paragon option?

I also know many of them are limited edition. Are there any regular editions and is there a catalogue of the versions that have been released?

If someone could tell me all about the Omas pens, I would be very grateful. I'm definitely not thinking of buying, due to the price. I'm just very interested in these spectacular pens.


Arte Italiana:

http://fpgeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Omas-Arte-Italiana-4.jpgAlso an Arte Italiana?


Just Italiana, no "Arte" in front:http://fpgeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/OMAS-Dama-Celluloid-Pearl-Grey.jpgArco:



Thank you.

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Milord like Princess, Dama and Paragon are just names for different size pens. They all went by model numbers like 555, 556, 557. Faceted models carried an "f" designation (557f) while round bodied pens were designated "s" and called Ogivas.


There was also a Gentleman pen that was Paragon size but had one less Greek Key band.


The actual sizes varied over time and material to material. The modern Milord is larger than the older Paragon.


Arco was a particular celluloid pattern.


The other things you mention are simple advertising descriptions of model groupings over time.


This may help.




From left to right:a 620 (small student pen). round Ogiva, older Milord, older Paragon, modern Milord, 360, 360 Mezzo


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