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Diy / Easy, Cheap, Simple Fountain Pen Box In 60 Minutes


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I decided to take some pictures while I was making a simple pen box for my father's birthday.

I was so happy when I found a Parker 45 (that was in great aesthetic and functional condition)

for my father's 45th birthday. But there was no box so I needed to make one myself.


If you want to give away fountain pens without a box, maybe this simple tutorial can help you.

I managed to finish this box under one hour and I spent nothing, every material and tool that I used

was found at home.


1. Materials needed:

- coloured cardboard

- some kind of foam (polystyrene, thick cardboard, etc)

- piece of old paper (for the greeting card)

- any kind of textile

- a few pins

- short leather strip (or any other material that you think will work)



2. Tools needed:






3. Making the cutting plans for the box (dimensions in centimetres):






4. The bottom part cut and prepared for folding:






5. The bottom part folded and prepared for glueing:






6. Top part cut and prepared for folding:






7. Top part folded and prepared for glueing:






8. Cut the foam to the interior dimensions of the bottom part:






9. Cut the groves in the middle of the foam with the sharp blade, two cuttings at an angle of 45 degrees:






10. Take the piece of textile and cut it to the dimensions so it covers the foam.

After it is positioned fix it to the foam using some pins. Install the leather strip in the same way:






11. Take the greeting card, write whatever you want in it and glue it in the inside of the top cardboard piece:

(the inscription 'Boldog születésnapot' means Happy birthday in hungarian)






12. Put the top part on the bottom part and you're finished :) :





I know it is nothing special or fancy, but it is simple, cheap and fast to make if you need a basic gift box.

Hope I was helpful for somebody.


Have a nice day!




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Well done! Seems so simple once you see it. Thank you for posting!

"To read without also writing is to sleep." - St. Jerome


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