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Travelling To Italy From Uk, Advice Please


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I'm hoping to travel to Florence later in the year or early next year from the UK, I plan on taking pens and drawing equipment with me but I'm unsure about what pens to take as my luggage will be carry on only. My regular drawing kit is an A5 conference folder with a small tin with 6 watercolour pans, a couple of water brushes, 2 pastel pencils, paper, a pencil sharpener and a couple of fountain pens.

I vary the pens I use but normally include a Kaweco Lilliput as it's very small and takes cartridges which means I can always carry a few spare cartridges with me, my concern with taking the Lillput is that it's made entirely of aluminium, I can't see how anyone would say it was dangerous or a risk to carry but I've not traveled abroad for 10+ years and I know travel restrictions are very different now.

I was also thinking of taking one or two cheaper pens like a Pilot 78g and a Pilot Elite but both are converter fillers so I'd need to take a small bottle of ink, I'd probably use a plastic 30ml Diamine bottle with 15-20ml of ink. My concern about the bottle is the liquid restrictions and also potential leaking, I was thinking of putting the bottle in a couple of zip lock bags in case it did leak.


Are my plans ok or can anyone offer any advice please?

Also does anyone know of any good art or pen shops in Florence in case I need to pick anything up while I'm there?


Thanks :)

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Your plans sound sensible to me. I flew to Germany last month and took with me a Lamy 2000, and a Camlin 22 eyedropper, and had no issues at all. The max liquid you can take is 100ml which has to be transported in clear ziplock bags, so you should be fine.

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