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Visconti Homo Sapiens Nib Tuning

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Hello FPN,


I've discovered the source of the flow issues I've been having with my HS Steel Age fountain pen. Namely, the tines are spread too far apart. I've tried pushing them together and pressing upside down, but the nib material is too springy and just reverts to the original position. Anyone have any ideas on closing this massive tine gap? Thanks in advance!


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The nib is 23K Palladium. This metal is extremely soft and is exceedingly difficult to work with when tuning a nib. It is too soft, in my opinion, to make an effective nib, yet the nibs can be tuned and made to write well. These nibs require a feather touch.


It seems that the slit is inverted (wider at the tip than the hole). This is likely due to the nib being sprung from too much pressure while writing--and that can happen very easily.


I've tuned several of these nibs and they take a lot of time.


Assuming the nib is NOT sprung..... You need to force the right tine under the left and then the left under the right (hearing a click when you do it). Be VERY careful. These nibs can easily bend, even in the hands of a professional who knows what he's doing (ask me how I know....).


If this is a beloved pen, the best move might be professional help.





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I agree, mine was VERY difficult to adjust and the tines were much closer than yours. I would send it to a pro.

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First: how on earth did you get your nib out of there?! I've got a VHS steel age (actually mine is the 25th anniversary edition) and while the nib/feed assembly unscrews from the body easily enough, I've never gotten the collar off.


Second: earlier today - just MINUTES ago, in fact - I received my pen back from Dan Smith, e.g. Dan @ FP Geeks. I was logging on to the forums to write effusive praise for his work. Keep an eye out for a longer post about this, but suffice it to say he took a pen that made me want to rip my hair out and sent back a writing instrument that FINALLY makes me go "ohhhhhh ok, NOW I get what all the fuss is about."


Among other work, he corrected the PRECISE problem you're showing here - way too wide of a gap between the tines. The pen still writes nice and wet but is no longer firing ink uncontrollably onto the page.


So, +1 to those who have said "send it to an expert," and a +++++++++ for Dan's work on these very pens (dan@fpgeeks.com)



edit: forgot to specify that the pen in question was in fact my Visconti Homo Sapiens. Which was the whole point but I neglected to be specific. D'oh.

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The nib just kinda fell off. Ironically enough, it fell off the feed just as I was listening to sbrebrown say something along the lines of, "it's a little hard to get this one off".

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Interestingly, my Wall Street LE's Pd Stub arrived with the tines separated .... although not that badly.


John Sorowka's Mk i Thumbnail sorted it within a few seconds :)

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