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Sailor 1911 Large Zoom Nib Or Platinum 3776 With Music Nib. Which Should I Choose?

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I'm about to buy a FP that is worth $200-$300 with the smoothest nib available. I can't choose any of these two pens.



1. Smooth Nib

2. Comfort Level

3. Performance




1. Demonstrator Version (Clear or Transparent)

2. Ink Capacity

3. Maintenance

4. Wet when you write



I Thank you for People who replied On this topic :)

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For a stub nib I really lime the sailor 1911 large with a music nib. I dont know if I would call the zoom a stup. I like the size of the large over the 3776 or even the sailor standard 1911

WTB Sheaffer Balance oversized with a flex nib, semi flex, broad, or medium in carmine red or grey striated.


Wtb Sheaffer Pfm in black or blue with a medium or broad nib.

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platinum music nibs are the best among music nibs but they have feedback, i enjoy the 1911 profit with zoom nib which is smooth as well

how about pilot 823 bb/cosu nib?? its a demonstrator, with good ink capacity n wet.

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Pilot custom heritage 74 all nibs, 742 Fa and PO nibs, 823 F 92 F,M, 3776 FM,EF,1911F

And all indian pens

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Hi and welcome to FPN


Perhaps this question is better for the Japanese sub-forum, as both pens are Japanese.





A zoom nib is a very special nib, you can get linevariation by changing your writing angle. It takes special skill. I could not write with it.


A music nib is sort of a very wet stub/italic.


I have a Sailor music nib and it is way too broad/wet for my tastes. I hardly ever use it. The nib is functioning as it should, but I regret getting this one.



In the end: I would buy neither of these pens, but that's my tastes....







Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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Zoom is fun but also takes a while to get the hang of different positions to get variation. You probably get more actual use out of the Music nib since it's built for line variation when writing the standard way.

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I have the Sailor 1911 large with an H-B 21k Rhodium plated nib and a Sailor 1911 Standard with music nib. Neither wrote well out of the box. After Pendleton Brown finished with them, they are the smothest, most beautiful writers I have. One or both of them are always with me. My favorite pens are Pelikans for many reasons, but I always pick up one of these just for the look and smoothness of the writing. I have only seen zoom nib writing samples. They aren't attractive to me. But, my two Sailors are exquisite.

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I usually have a skill on writing with a pens in a different angle so i can use sailor 1911 without any problems but the thing is i need a smooth pens, comfortable, and performs well.

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