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Wahl-Eversharp Ring Top Section Stuck


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Hey everyone. I recently picked up a Wahl gold filled ringtop with a #2 nib in decent shape with a metal section. However! After a week of soaking (water and pen flush), heating, blisters and frustration I CANNOT get the section to come apart! I know there are threads about this all over the place but I've NEVER run into as stubborn a pen as this... Any suggestions please?
Album here: http://imgur.com/a/bv6Vu

Pictures below:


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I grip the section with a piece of thick leather and a set of pliers with the teeth (?) smoothed down. The water won't help you any since shellac is not softened by it, only heat will undo it. It works much better than section pliers (aka spark plug removers).


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I ended up getting professional help from Ron of Main Street Pens when I was at the DC pen show. It was pretty well stuck as I had been using a rubber grip vice and a grippy bit of rubber as well and still couldn't get it to budge. Thanks again to Ron Zorn :) Was a lot of fun getting to meet him and everyone there and finding out it wasn't just me being incompetent... just a seriously stubborn pen!

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