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Hi All,


I have recently started to practice Spencerian Business Writing.


I bought the Mott Media theory book from Amazon, I have not ordered the Copybooks yet, because I noticed that it would be cheaper to buy the theory book and the copybooks separately. I was wondering if I need the Copybooks at all? Or if they are available for download anywhere? I was planning to scan them and reprint them on laser paper, because I was planning to use them more than once, and I have heard that the paper in them is not great.


Does anyone have the copybooks in digital form, or know where I can download them? Or, are there any similar copy worksheets available?



Also, Has anyone else started Spencerian recently who would maybe like to learn together? It would be cool to have a practice partner or two to share tips and resources, as well as motivation.








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While I do not have the copybooks, I would certainly be interested in starting to learn Spencerian Business Writing, and the sharing of tips and motivation is a great idea.

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Hi there, and welcome!

You might want to take a look at this:




I'd love to learn Spencerian writing, and have been working on the Palmer Method as well :)

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I don't like the theory book from the mott set. I much prefer this one:


Personally, I say just go ahead and write in the books. That's what they're for. Use a dry pen, fine point, a dry ink, and a light touch. Or a pencil.

I only made it to the start of the 2nd book myself. That said, I practice when writing my journal entries. I find french rule to be great practice lines.


- do NOT skip the warmup drills. You want to be limber for practice. Draw as many ovals and slants as you can.

- practice mindfully. Five minutes of concentration is better than 30 minutes of going through the motion. You want to practice the good habits, not reinforce bad ones.

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