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The Love Letters Of Warren G. Harding


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Oh, how fascinating! You piqued my curiosity, so I looked it up, and here is the link for those who want to look at the letters online. http://www.loc.gov/collection/warren-harding-carrie-fulton-phillips-correspondence/about-this-collection/


What an awesome, personal glimpse into history, especially at a time of such turmoil. Some of them are difficult to read, but it is really fun digging through the past, trawling through the photos and such. Thanks for sharing the link, Runnin_Ute :)

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Thank you very much! Most interesting are the private cable codes specified in these letters:


http://www.loc.gov/resource/mss48595.0102/#seq-41 (also the page before and after)


For those of you never stumbled of telegraph codes: They were used mostly to reduce costs (which where determined by number of words), but were also used for secrecy. For these wishing to reduce costs, there were telegraph code books available, e.g. Bentley's or ABC. I have also seen codes in mail order catalogues specialized for the requirements there. And there is Harding's list of codes, probably also with the intention of secrecy.


I wrote down what I could read. Most seems to be ok, but there are still questionmarks. I would appreciate it if you could fill in or correct the missing parts. Thanks.


Cloudy - message not clear.

Caesar - Quirinal Hotel, Rome.

Capitulate - I can't wait any longer.

Immediate - mail your next letter to __

Revoke - answer at once by cable to __

Reverse - answer at once to Berlin by cable.

Revise - will come to you sailing on _(Date)_

Repair - arrive in New York on _(Date)_

Reputo - Hamburg-American Line steamer _(name ship)_

Repell - Bunard Line steamer _(ship name)_

Reflex - N. German Lloyd steamer _(ship name)_

Redoubt - White Star Line steamer _(name)_

Rebuff - Frinet? Line steamer _name_

Resent - Holland-American Line steamer __

Defy - I will meet you at __

Glorious - I am coming to you at __

Glean - I will be at __

Gather - Do you with me to come to you at __

Gallery - I need you at earliest possible day.

Gain - Send me money to __

Grateful - All my love to the last precious drop.

Gate - I want paradise in your embrace.

Garner - I will arrive at __

Guide - Will you meet me at _(????)_


Decide - Answer by cable dinet? to me at? Marion

Delay - London.

Destiny - Grand Hotel London.

Desist - Hotel Russell, London

Detain - New York City.

Malat - Hotel Manhattan, New York.

Dessert - Boston and the Boston Kiss.

Deplore - Paris

Divert - Continental Hotel, Paris

Deliver - I am asking for your embrace.

Desire - I send you the eight kisses

Despite - All you are concerned about are well.

Demure - Everything is all serene here.

Design - I am mad to possess and hold.

Describe - Send you next letter to malat.

Deprive - Mail your next letter to Sonstem? at Columbus - to MMP

Depress - Send your mail to me here.

I.s.../Dismisse/Dismine/Disnime? - You, my adored.

Govhard/Gouhard? - Hungering? me.

Constant - I love you more than all the world.

Universe - all, codes? are no words, like Montreal.

(If you can't translate, I'll show you.)

Dearer - I'd like to bring you the scepter tonight and make you my queen.

Deary - I can engage passage on the __


Dolphin - Things have gone wrong here.

Dainty - you must come home earliest day.

Delude - I crave? you every day and hour.


Melange - All mail received, don't worry.

Muster - I am sending you __

Minister - Won't? you come to me at __

Master - I shall be away from here __

Mist - No letter has come since yours of the __

Mighty - If you want? me all yours you'll? come.

Mellow - I want to come to you in your dream. Tonight, oh, so close!

Merit - I am mad for Boston, Montreal and all else of universe tonight.

Mantle - B??ned you leave and meet me in Rome __

Multiply - I send you a thousand fond caresses.

Matrix - I am utterly and gladly all yours - today and always.

Maternal - I'd like to make your favourite picture a rapturous? reality tonight.

Magistrate - I am ready to put all else aside and seek our need? of happiness together.

Martyr - Honestly sorry, but can't come now.

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No assistance to offer on the above, but for those of you who've not heard the article, strongly suggest you listen to NPR's piece on it a few weeks back (sorry no link). I nearly got into an accident while driving if for no other reason than the outro music: Warren G.'s "Regulate."


You gotta love NPR sometimes....

"You'll never see a Commie drink a glass of water. Vodka. Vodka only - that's his drink." General Jack D. Ripper

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Isn't anyone going to speculate on what fountain pen was likely used? How unlike us fountain pen aficionados for it not to have already been discussed at length.

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