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Vintage Aurora 88 Is A Rough Writer


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A few months back I purchased a vintage (c. 1950s) Aurora 88 Nikargenta from what appeared to be a well regarded seller off eBay but when the pen arrived it was hugely disappointing. The piston leaked, the tines were completely out of alignment and I suspected the iridium on the nib was probably shot. To her credit the seller adjusted her price downward by an agreed amount and I set out to have the pen restored. Mike Masuyama restored the piston and tweaked, tuned and smoothed the nib. I dreamed of this classic beauty smoothly scrolling across the page, flexing gracefully to create elegant lines, letters, etc. Well, 8 weeks later the pen arrived and the work has been done but honestly the nib is still a bit of a rough ride for me. It may just be the nature of these nibs, perhaps i'm too heavy handed...I am unsure. I hate the idea of letting this pen go and before I do I thought I would see if anyone here had any thoughts on these pens, the issues i've described, perhaps even an Aurora 88 expert who could help me understand if the issue is me or the pen.



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Some nibs are past repairing. Fortunately, NOS Aurora 88 nibs are plentiful in Italy. If the piston has been restored properly and the pen does not leak, my suggestion would be to get a new nib from Italy. Keep in mind that the first version of the 88 (the Nizzoli) used a nib that was different from the one used in the later variants. I would suggest an M nib, and if you want to use the pen for everyday, I would pick a manifold (non flexible) nib. Swapping the nibs is very easy and you can do that yourself.


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Giovanni, is there a recommended source for Aurora 88 parts in Italy?

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How do you know you won't have the same problem with another used nib. Comes down to pot luck I guess.

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Thanks all - I have reached out to Paulo via the link to his site and will take it from there....hopefully he can work some magic!

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