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Cross Townsend "overly" Wet, Is This Normal?


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This is my first cross Townsend (bought second/used). I just notice that the feed got ink everywhere, is this normal for Cross Townsend? also there is a trace of ink on the rim. I use cartridge for this one.

Photo attached.


Thank you in adavance for answer(s).



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I have century II and it doesn't do that. I suspect it isn't air tight and air is entering the cartridge quicker then ink is exiting. It maybe that the nib and feed aren't correctly sat in the pen or perhaps the cartridge isn't sat in properly.


If not the you probably have been sold a damaged pen as it can't be the ink combination as you have used cross cartridges. Who did you buy it off?

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One problem that can cause too much ink in the feed, is that the feed is not fully back into the section. So you could try pushing the feed and nib together back or 'up' into the section and try again.

With a previously owned pen you won't know how it's been used, but I would give it a good flush through with water + 1% detergent, and dry out well on a paper towel.

Then plug cartridge back in and test.

Also pens can vary greatly with the ink brand you use, I find Cross ink works well (!) in my own, it's worth trying out various types if possible.

If no luck with any of this, you can always send it back to Cross service dept for them to sort it out, most people report that they get good results from doing that, as Cross pens do have a lifetime warranty.


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I am using cross cartridge.

So, in short it is not normal. I will try to adjust the feed then. But i will use it for the time being, it is not very major, and it is not leaking. I will adjust when i finish the cartridge.

A very nice pen to use.

Thank you for quick reply.

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