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Delta Pens In Japan


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Hi All,


Living in New Zealand there is no where to buy Delta pens and with crazy high customs and duties buying online makes them very expensive. I'm heading to Japan in September and one of my grail pens is the Dolce Vita...so I will try and pick one up when I am there (along with a few other goodies as well). Does anyone have any experience buying a Delta in Japan and any recommendations around where to purchase?. I will be in Kyoto and Tokyo and perhaps go to Osaka & Kobe, so those are my options...and before anyone asks I will also be picking up some Japanese beauties as well....The price I have too pay for living on a island in the middle of the pacific with NO access to quality pen shops.






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Check Maruzen or Bungbox


your not going to Aoyama prefecture where Shosaikan is found who is one of the retailers of delta in Japan.... as well as Shimane Prefecture... for Papylos 21 you may want to drop some of the Japan members a line to check who and where sells what

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