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Help With Fixing, Cleaning, Identifying An Old Mb Fp

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Hello there


I just acquired my first Montblanc fountain pen, but it's very old and has a lot of problems.


There is no text on it - only "MONT BLANC" written on the cap and the clip, so I've had troubles identifying it myself. If anyone has an idea what pen this might be, please tell me.


The nib says:


14 CT




First of all, I haven't been able to fill it. The top has an etched line which I suspected screwed of to reveal a button, but with a closer inspections, I've concluded it's not a seperate part.

I'm now pretty sure that it screws at the section, but I've tried everything, and it's just stuck. Can anyone confirm this?


I've tried to dip it ink and write with a little bit anyways. The nib is in a really bad shape, and is the most scratchy I've ever tried. It's placed asymmetrically on the feed, so I'm guessing the nib can be changed? What standard would that be?


Look at the photos, and I would be glad to get some answers to my questions.





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It looks a bit like a danish size 2,4 or 6 (hard to tell from the pics) bandless with tapered cap.


Regards Per.

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That's one of those "send it off to one of the masters for a little love," kinda things. Well worth the investment to have something of that nature in proper shape and working order.

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Very likely a button filler. Montblancs don't come in eyedropper format with that design. Nib-wise, It's probably a generic replacement. You should get it probably restored.

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