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Nemosine Problems: Do They Actually Service Their Warranty?


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Hi all, I actually created an account to ask this question.


2 Years ago I bought a Nemosine Singularity and all was good. For the price point it wrote shockingly smooth.


Over Christmas I bought a Nemosine Fission, gunmetal and used it as a daily journal writer starting in March.


Loved the screw on aspect which helped prevent dry out, thought it was a great pen for the under $30 price and I heard nothing but good things about their warranty and responses.


So in June, and mind you this pen has never been removed from the house and was only on my bed side, cap was never roughly handled, never dropped and... I screwed it closed while going to bed and noticed the body was out of alignment.

Upon inspection (and a serious WTH) come to notice that the cap ring, which also holds the threads to screw the cap on busted off from the cap.


Ok So I got out my Nemosine Box and got the information slip inside and emailed their info address (moreso as they describe their warranty as to apply to feed tubes and the like and not you know the cap-so I was not sure it was covered) and received no response. Emailed them again 4 days later, no response. Sent them a snail mail letter and have received no response. That all started three weeks ago. I have received no response, and even checked all Spam filters and email rules to see if I missed something.


What annoys me even more about this is, I received a Franklin-Christoph Piper as a birthday gift in end of May and it wrote horribly and I emailed them regarding Nib issues and it was a response in under an hour with instructions on what to do and they would fix it for me for free.


My question is, do I bother to just send the pen in with the $5 and hope they fix it and send it back, or just chalk the whole Nemosine Brand off as a loss and a learning experience and just buy Franklin-Christoph from now on?


Should I throw good money in the form of the $5 after bad on a pen I spent less then $30 on but I have no idea if they will even fix it or cut my losses and just throw it away?

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The cap ring snaps on. Try snapping it back in place. I discovered this when I inadvertently dropped mine in the sink.


I received my Fission as a result of them honoring their warranty when I received two other ill-performing pens from them. Admittedly, their response time is pitiful, providing you can actually get in touch with someone, but once you do, the customer service is adequate.

I wrote off Nemosine & their lousy plastic feeds and switched to Noodlers. I have four now, & not a single problem with any of them. I have no experience with Franklin-Christoph, but if it works for you, go for it.

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Thank you- It does snap back on but it is still loose.


I was considering using Super Glue on it, but didn't want to use it if it would screw up warranty service. I guess since warranty probably will not happen I will just use Super Glue and never buy their product again.

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They actually emailed me today and apologized for the delay, and offered to send me a new cap for free if I provided the address.


It was a under $30 purchase and that is Ok at that price point-they are sending me the cap, but I must say even with that I have cooled on the Nemosine brand at this point.

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I think customer service is really important in this on-line world. TWSBI has had some issues with their pens but are always quick to respond with free replacement parts. Goulet Pens is another great company that is very responsive to the needs of their clients. The cheapest price is not always the best deal.

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The cheapest price is not always the best deal.



Truer words were never spoken. Buy quality, cry once. Buy cheap, cry twice. Or more.

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