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Something Of An Embarrassment.


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Hi FPNers.


As some may know recently I had been lamenting the lack of opportunity to get my hands on a P51, and my equally poor ability to snag anything on the 'Bay. This led to alot of gnashing of teeth, rending of hair, and generally bad behaviour. Well that was then...


... a few local friends and well-wishers had furnished me with a small discretionary fund to try to assuage my thirst for a P51. I put out a few feelers and threw some bids around on our favourite auction site. Anyway, what has happened is that, rather unexpectedly, everything came to fruition all at once, when I was only expecting a 1% succes rate at best. What this means is that I have P51 special coming from Rick (over on FPGeeks), a P51 that arrived from England this morning (sourced and bought on the 'Bay), and a lovely P51 Mk1 coming from our very own Penfisher (thanks, Richard, your a top!).


To my embarrassment I also received a donated P51 Demi from Pajaro today. I had completely forgotten about this one - my personal record keeping is often atrocious. I feel I must offer an apology here to Paul. It's a beautiful pen, the first P51 to ever sit in my hand, and I will use it. And I will take to heart your hopes that I may one day be able to pass on a similar favour to another new FP user. Paul also included a Duofold Slimfold in the parcel, and I am amazed by the springiness of the nib! Thanks again Paul. Your generosity is enormously appreciated in this small corner of the world.


Now I want to come back to the English P51 mentioned above. I may post pictures when I get home from school to today, but here is a description.


The pen is full sized, and teal coloured.

The filler is an aero and has the instructions "To fill. Press ribbed bar firmly 4 times while holding pen point down. Wipe point with soft cloth". The filler has a black plastic cap.

The pen body has the usual microscratches but nothing significant.

The cap is gold and has lines that spread out as they move from the jewel end to the cap opening.

The cap is imprinted 1/10 12CT R Gold, and although there is a little brassing on the sides of the clip there is little sign of wear elsewhere. The imprint is over the lines, although there is a cap band.

The clip descends to just below half way down the cap.

The jewel is a kind of green/grey pearlescent colour.

The imprint on the barrel reads "Made in England 5" - the 5 looks like it should stand alone.

The nib appears to be a broad - will be able to tell better once it's all cleaned and inked.

The pen came in a box that had a lizard-skin effect outer, silk liner (sadly with ink spilled on it). The inside of the lid says Parker "51", and the box contains the original instructions for use.


Total cost in US dollars - $61.


So, until I get a picture up, identification? Good deal? Bad deal?


To my very inexperienced eye, and with a bit of rummaging on the 'Web, it looks like a Mark 1 P51 from 1955 with a standard gold filled cap.


Is my identification a long way off?


My humblest thanks to everyone who assisted in making my little dream come true.


Palm to palm.



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Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it! :D Congratulations on all the 51s!

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Congrats on the 51s! I feel like I should start looking for one as well. I hear nothing but good things about them. Enjoy!

Pelikan 140 EF | Pelikan 140 OBB | Pelikan M205 0.4mm stub | Pilot Custom Heritage 912 PO | Pilot Metropolitan M | TWSBI 580 EF | Waterman 52 1/2v

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Well done. I have a 1954 English 51 Aeromatic and it is a great pen. I also have a 1948 USA Demi which is the 51 I use the most. 51s are not my favourate Parkers (the Parker 75 is the pen for me) but they are wonderful pens and I have built up quite a collection starting with a 1941 Demonstrator through several Vacumatics and Aeromatics to the 2002 Newhaven produced Special Editions (which are realy Sonnets in disguise). Be very careful as, like me, you will soon have a room full :D .


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Sounds like a great deal. I'm terrible at dating these things but usually the little plastic black cap means mk1 I think. So you're probably pretty close.

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