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Opinions On The Lamy Profil


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I would like to know what people think of the LAMY Profil, in particular the 80 version. I am really drawn to its looks and its beautiful nib. I have seen christof's article on it, but can't seem to find out much else. What I'm wondering is how to does its size, weight and material feel compared to the 2000. Also, does anyone have an idea of what they typically go for?



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Nice pen - great nib, though wider than usual (maybe even moreso than the typical Lamy widths). I've got an F that I'd call a M, and an OM that I'd call an OB. But really, they are classic pens and an important pen in the Lamy lineup.


If you compare to the L2K, the tactile feel of the Profil series isn't even close to the quality of the L2K. The plastic (Makrolon) isn't finished much, just sort of a normal plastic casting feel. The piston assembly is virtually the same, though I and others have experienced some play in the piston knob (recent thread here about it). The cap of my 81 is exceptional quality, up to the standards of the L2K, but the plastic cap on the 80 is lesser, in my opinion.


But really, the high point of the Profil series is the big ol' plated 14k nib, which exhibits a little spring to it and is a nice wet writer. Just don't get an EF and expect it to compete with fine line writing of other pens (using my sample size of 2 nibs).


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Thank you for your help, risingsun. Now, if only I could see one of these pens in person, but that most likely won't happen. Anyway, now I have some pointers of what to look for.

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Hello MiamiArchStudent,


I just posted some pictures of the LAMY_80_profil fountain pen.

Take a look, if you are still interested. I am sorting out my LAMY profil fountain pens these days, and hopefully will have some time to take pictures of the other models.

I also might have one LAMY 80 profil for sale.



JF_LAMY collection


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Thanks Jan! I found your picture-essay very helpful. They certainly are great pens. One day I hope to own one, but for now looking at the pictures is fine.

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