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Pelikan: Remove Stuck Collar, Or Re-Insert Feed With A New Nib?


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Acquired a vintage Pelikan 400 recently that some "silly person" (not me) decided to pull the nib outta (leaving just the feed), and that some other "silly person" (yeah, me) decided to try unscrewing ... and now all i really have is a spare feed in one hand and a pen with the nib-collar stuck down inside it in the other. (And a cap, over there on the floor somewhere.)

So, the question is, naturally:


Should i attempt to chisel the collar free and hope my other nib-unit will still fit (section's a little misshapen from that gold-mining-expedition trauma), or ... dig up a loose nib and try to jam everything back into the stuck collar?

(Or should i just drill a hold thru the middle and hang it on the bathroom wall?...) (And then buy a different pen.)

Advice appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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I'm in a similar dilemma with a 400NN that not only has the collar stuck in the section (nib and feed pulled out nicely, thank you very much) but I can see a couple cracks in the collar, as these were prone to experiencing. I carefully reinserted the nib and feed into the stuck collar, inked it up for the moment, and have a spare nib assembly on its way to me so that I can do this:



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There are at least two causes for your situation, from my personal experience.



1. Case of fragile transparent nib collar.

Before install a new nib unit, you have to remove the collar remnant.


Or, you can simply push the nib and feed back and use the pen.


2. Case of severely shrunk section.

You can remove the nib collar but have to break it into pieces.

Before installing a new nib unit, front opening of the section must be widened.


Also, you can avoid such a risky procedure. Simply push the nib and feed back to use the pen.



My case was the latter and I drilled the opening successfully.

The pen was a burgundy 140 with DEF nib.

The nib collar was made of black ebonite.



Hope this may help.

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I've utilized a sharp thin knife to engage and unscrew a stuck, broken collar from the section of a 120. Worked pretty well without damaging anything.

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Thanks, Sargetalon. That goes along with what Richard Binder describes in the link I provided above...


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