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9668 Nib Sample Writing


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I would love to see a sample from 9668 and the 2314X stubs Very difficult to me to go by the preferences of other persons.


Would like to see a series of thread where owners would just place the nib number as tittle and include the sample.


Wouldn't that be great?

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Here's a bad photo of my bad writing on some bad notebook paper with a transitional J and a 9668 nib:






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With over 40 years of using Esterbrooks behind me (I had my first one in High School) I can tell you that Esterbrook nibs are somewhat inconsitent in line width, expecially used ones. Used ones can be all over the map. You might get close, but with the variations in the nibs themselves, paper and ink, I doubt that a writing sample will tell you a heck of a lot. You need to try one and have that one adjusted if necessary.

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i have seen several posted all around the FPN and it helps. Something is always better than nothing. You can mentally imagine the variations, and anyway the samples would be random parts of the normal statistical curve and since everything revolves around the average, there is a high probability that any sample will be close to the average for that nib... So, it would be a good example of how it could write. Variations? There are variations in all processes. Keep them coming, please!


Thank you, Hardcase!

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