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Nib Corrosion


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Hi All,


I need some guidance. I just received a brand new fountain pen, Parson's Italix, and noticed some discoloration on the back side of the nib. I looked at it under a microscope and took a picture. It distinctly looks like corrosion and pitting which was somewhat surprising given the normal high quality of these pens. Please take a look and confirm that this is indeed pitting. Will it get worse owing to acid in inks. It is a steel nib. Should I return it?





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Probably more a topic for another of our forums, e.g. Repair. It does look like pitting, but the pen is inked, which can sometimes muddy the waters. But I wouldn't accept pitting on a new nib, as the substrate here is supposed to be a fairly resistant stainless steel.


Since it is new, I would contact the vendor. If you can get the vendor to ship you a replacement nib and feed unit, it would be an ideal solution. Just sending that out to you and having you swap them would be the least trouble for the vendor, no doubt.

I know my id is "mhosea", but you can call me Mike. It's an old Unix thing.

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