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Parker 45 Nib Collar Is Misaligning The Nib?


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Hello FPN,

I have a Parker 45 flighter that's got a case of tine alignment issue. The problem is, the nib is not actually mis-aligned, when I disassemble it, (ie. take the collar off the nib unit freeing the nib) the nib tines are perfectly aligned. However when I reassemble it, the collar seems to be pushing one tine downwards further than the other resulting in scratchiness :(. Is this a common problem with parker 45s? Is there a way to prevent the collar from pushing one tine down further than the other? I've tried rotating the collar a bit and jiggling it around as I slide it up the feed to no avail.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Had the same problem here too. With the nib out of the pen and feed, it was correct, but then when fitted back to the section, the tine gap went far too wide,

I tried a few things, checking the nib was not twisted, and fitting the nib/feed/beak section back with only the lightest pressure into the section.

One thing that really helped, was to clean the flat surface on the back of the 'beak' ( it appears to me), as I found a fairly thick layer of dried ink there which seemed to be causing the problem I had.

Note that there is a small dot of plastic on the plastic moulding, be sure to work around it, I would think it fits in a location inside the section, to keep the nib right way around.

In fact, check around the inside surfaces of the collar for ink build up, soak the parts overnight and give a good clean next day.

I used an old toothbrush and kept checking with a loupe.

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Just tossin' stuff out there.


Good idea on the loupe, shine a bright light in the collar and look for any manufacturing plastic burrs. I've never seen one. But, I've had 2 different pros tell ME to check a collar once so, I'm telling you. ;) (There wasn't a burr on mine the collar threads just needed a bit of section sealant.)


The nib should fit IN it's little groove on the feed. Be sure it's there and not shifting for some reason.


Be sure the collar, nib and feed are "sterile". I scrub them with a toothbrush.


This would probably concern me enough, if I had at least 2 45's, that I'd pull the other nib assembly, take it apart, keeping the piles separate of course, and see if there was a larger amount of shrinkage on the problem collar.


You might put on a pair of stronger reading glasses and carefully, slowly watch the tines as you set the collar and see if you can see Which time moves (first) and use that to try and determine what's pushing it.


Other than that. You got me.


If none of that worked for ME, I'd be getting a spare nib assembly out of the parts box. ;)


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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Well the inside of the collar was pretty smooth. No ink residue in sight :(. I gave up and just bought another nib from Dutchpen (how did he come by so much stuff :o :o). Its steel instead of 14k like my original one, hope it works out :(

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FWIW, Dutchpen isn't a collector...he's a Liquidator!!!

"Not a Hooker Hooker, but rather a left-handed overwriter."

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Well the inside of the collar was pretty smooth. No ink residue in sight :(. I gave up and just bought another nib from Dutchpen (how did he come by so much stuff :o :o). Its steel instead of 14k like my original one, hope it works out :(



I have a better idea.


Take the steel nib out of his collar and see if your gold nib fits in his collar correctly.


That's the RIGHT answer if it does.


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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Just updating on the P45,the new collar made all the difference. Everything is aligned nicely. The nib is still a bit toothy than I like. Might try grinding it some day

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