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Pilot Murex Quartz Clock Repair - So Far So Good

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I recently brought the clock back to life in my Murex Quartz. Fundamental problem was missing battery contacts, which I replaced with improvised parts.


The LCD looks a bit suspicious, but it is working for now. LCD artifacts are mostly hidden under the face frame.


Currently monitoring to see if it lasts.

First step it to remove the clock unit from the cap.
- This assumes that the inside of the cap is clean.
- There are no retainers to remove

- Unscrew the battery cover and remove the battery.
- Stand the cap on end on a firm surface, battery end up.
- With the eraser on a standard wooden pencil, push down on the floor of the battery compartment.
- Once it starts moving, it slides right out of the opposite end.
- As you will see the fairly robust plastic carrier takes the physical loads


Step-by-step photos are at murex quartz clock unit

The picture titles plus the labels I added on some of the pictures should explain it pretty well. If you are not familiar with pbase: just click on any image then use next and previous buttons. To return to the gallery level, click the gallery name at the top of the page. Select image size at bottom center. "Large" will probably work best.


Most of the corrosion looks like simple surface verdigris rather than from acid - as from a leaking battery. A battery leak may have contributed to the missing battery contact, but the missing case contact, protected by the carrier is a mystery.


Note: to press the unit back into the cap, you will need something narrower than the pencil, in order to fit it inside the open cylindrical end of the plastic carrier.

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Wow, that's so cool. I've been wondering if someone would come up with something on repairing the Murex Quartz. That could be very useful for people who maybe interested in reviving their Murex Quartz pens.



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Please send vial orders and other messages to fpninkvials funny-round-mark-thing gmail strange-mark-thing com. My shop is open once again if you need help with your pen.

Will someone with the name of "Jay" who emailed me through the email system provide me an email address? There was no email address provided, so I can't write back.


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