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Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral Doubts


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Hi everyone, I have a beatiful black sheaffer snorkel admiral that I havent treated as well as it deserve.


The other day I soaked it in wate during to much time, trying to deep clean it. And as consequence some rust have appear into the spring, inside the body, inside the touchdonwn plunger tube and at the head of the screw that secures the piston knob.


Right now I have the pen completely dissasemble. I want to do this.


- Cleaning of rust the barrel and the plunger tube. What can I use to clean it? Some kind of brush?

- I pretend to sand with very fine grade the head of the screw. Should I do it?

- During the dissasemble I have make to appear a small crack on the knob. Can I buy a new one?

- I would like to deep clean the nib and the feed. Its possible to dissasemble it from the grip section? How?

- I found the pen to wet and maybe not as smooth as it should be. I have feathering with almost any ink. I would like to make a bit drier. It's possible?


Than you everyone for your answers and sorry for my english.

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