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Help! How Does One Clean A Conklin Crescent Demonstrator?


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Hello everyone. I've been a lurking member for a number of months now and have really enjoyed reading all of the posts. Frankly, the sense of camaraderie among fountain pen owners is great to see. So with that said, I now present my problem for some help from all of you.


I picked up a Conklin LE Crescent Demonstrator in black a few months ago. Now that I've used the ink, I want to clean it and refill with a different color. Easy enough, right? Wrong.


The section is "flooded" with blue ink. I'd like to clean it out but I'm spooked about taking it all apart to clean it and then try to put it back together. Now, the Yafa repair offices are relatively close to go to them, but I think this is something that I should know how to do. I've looked everywhere for a video, YouTube or otherwise, on how to clean the crescent and get into the section with absolutely no luck.


So, my compatriots, does anyone have any insight on how I can clean the section without destroying the pen or having to just take it into Yafa?


Thank you all for your help in advance.



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Cleaning the sac is easy, just flush it out and I've been able to do that. The ink is trapped in the section itself.

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Actually, I decided to call Yafa and just ask them. As it turns out, its a defect with the pen and has been reported with other ones. So I'm dropping it off with them to be replaced. Thanks for your efforts.

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For later reference, all modern re-issued Conklin Crescent-Fillers are easily serviceable. The first models had aerometric sacs that were held in place with a rubber O-ring, but for later models the sacs are glued to the feed nipple and there is less of a chance for leaks or filling problems.


These pens can be dismantled and I have used a pair of section pliers and rubber gripping material sold by Richard Binder to unscrew the barrel from the nib section. The barrel and outer nib section unscrew between the metal ring on the nib section and the barrel. Sometimes, heat may need to be applied at the point where the barrel and section meet. Hot water can help loosen the seal. Be sure the crescent filler button is locked in place. I hold the barrel with gripping material and rotate the section with the section pliers.


There is an inner section holding the nib and feed, but it is a little tricky to unscrew. The Endura model has the same arrangement and seems to unscrew easily. The nib and feed are friction fit and it is easier to simply pull them straight out for thorough cleaning or adjustment. Notice the registration guide, in the inner section, for lining up the nib and feed for reinsertion into the section.


The sac, according to a White Rubber Company gauge, is a number 17 (.266 inch diameter/ 73 mm), and it is 2 7/8 inches long. The nibs are a number 6 and are interchangeable with Goulet JoWo number 6 nibs.


The new, re-issued Conklin Crescent Fillers (aerometric-filled) pens are simple to maintain and they are terrific, classic-style fountain pens. If the seal for the sac at the feed nipple is secure, leaks will not occur and the section should remain relatively clean.


When re-attaching the barrel to nib section, the nib and crescent filler should line up, just as the crescent filler lines

up with the clip when the cap is screwed on. That is a nice touch and I appreciate Conklin's attention to detail.


Regards, Robert

No matter where you go, there you are.

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Valuable info, much appreciated.

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Thank you for telling us.

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Boy am I glad to find this old article. I just cleaned my Crescent fill demonstrator and just had this happen to me. I purchased mine from a much loved, reputable, authorized Conklin seller from Ebay so I emailed him for how to proceed with my situation. It was the first time I'd cleaned it thoroughly since I got it and I got it maybe about a month ago. 


I wanna give this community a big hug. I've never had a pen issue to have to take to the seller/ manufacturer so this info helped me see that it more than likely wasn't my goof.

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