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Sheaffer Award. Best Buy Ever!


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I purchased two Sheaffer pens on internet. They turned out to be old, new stock, but the reseller could not tell me the name of the pen. Via FPN I found out they are both of the type: Sheaffer Award.


Classified as a low price pen (somewhere between 20-, and 30,- euro), but what a pen it turned out to be! I can compare them to a Sheaffer 300, a Parker Frontier and a Lamy Nexx fountain pen. Both the 300 and the Frontier fountain pen are way over 60,- euro in price. Lamy is around 30,- euro’s

Despite the difference in price, the Award beats all my other fountain pens.

The design is great. The writing is super smooth. The grip is comfortable. Weight and length are perfect. The cap gives a seamless look of the pen.


Conclusion for me: The best buy I ever did!




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I have a blue award, and I agree, they are nice pens.

Nathaniel Harter
Sheaffer Pen Museum Volunteer

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The Sheaffer Award pens are little talked about but are very nice pens!


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Cathy L. Carter


Live. Love. Write.

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I have just noticed your message and I share your enthusiasm.


I bought two Shearer Award Pens at Melbourne Pen show last year and again another three this year.


They are at the moment my daily drivers. I also found some Fine nib units (although I don't mind Medium, my better half prefers Fine). In my opinion Sheaffer M = Parker F but that is only my opinion.


Sheaffer Award uses Prelude Nib technology - a very smooth writer. I had to finely adjust a few nib units and I am sure I will enjoy these for many years to come...


I have four FPs currently inked (I usually have only one - I will have to ensure all of them receive equal amount of TLC...



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