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Lamy Nexx Or Parker Im


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I am planning on buying a new fountain pen, and i have narrowed it down to the Lamy Nexx M and the Parker IM. Since they are about the same price, I was wondering which one is better.

Ty Bros

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I own an IM rollerball and a Nexx FP, and although I am a Lamy fan, the Nexx is by far my least favorite of their offerings. The plastic cap is quite unappealing and cheap, really just ruins the whole thing for me. Of course, you do have the interchangeability of the Lamy nibs, which is nice.


The IM has a very solid construction and I would recommend it over the Nexx.

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3 things to think about with the IM

- weight, I think it is about 30 grams, which is a bit heavy for me. My user pens are below 20 grams and some below 15 grams.

- grip, the IM has a short nib, the grip section is also a bit short, so your finger is positioned closer to the tip than with a longer nib.

- size, specifically the diameter of the pen. Because of the short nib and grip, I end holding the pen with my thumb on the body, at the fattest part of the pen :( And that become marginally uncomfortable for me.

My final issue is personal, the color I ordered was Royal Blue. But it seems that Parker's idea of Royal Blue is purple, which is not my favorite color. I was expecting a darker rich blue.

In summary, I decided to retire the IM, for its multiple sins. Luckily it only cost me about $25.


But if you can live with these issues it is a nice pen.

- It writes very well, with Waterman ink. I tested the original M nib, and the replacement F nib. Both were very good writers. All in all I am very satisfied with the nibs.

- Parker will exchange the nib for another size if the M nib is too big/small for you. I do not know the full range of nibs that are available for exchange. But you only have 28 days to make that decision. I exchanged the M nib for a F nib. Interestingly it had to go to France to be replaced.


I do not have any experience with the Nexx

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well, kauymatty, it's been three weeks now and i'm sure you've made your purchase. My comment refers to the Parker IM grip section, which I find very comfortable. The idea is that you must try out a pen before buying it if at all possible. I hold my pens well above the grip -- from the body -- and the narrowness or lack thereof is rarely an issue for me. The same may apply to you or to others. IOW, one does not necessarily hold the pen from the grip section.


The nib OTOH is a crucial issue: it is the engine of an ink pen. And Parker nibs in general are reliable, although at the price range of an IM you will get a rather stiff steel nib. I happen to like it for everyday use,and the IM is well-made and will last a lifetime. But eventually you might want to investigate higher priced gold nibs or higher-priced pens in general which often offer you a more flexible and dynamic experience in writing.


Good luck!


No man is a slave unless he is willing to be bought by another. (EP)

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I have an Im premium-25+grams, good looking pen. But not a favorite. If I lost it or it was stolen I probably would NOT replace, unlike a P45.


"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind" - Rudyard Kipling
"None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain-pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try." - Mark Twain

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