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Marlen Nib


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Hello ...This Marlen from Ebay. I got it. Is this nip on the pen nip Marlen? I wonder ... Or fake?



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Picture isn't big enough or close enough to see the details of the nib.


Edit: noticed your edit in adding the nib picture did you flip the picture? Looks like just "Iridium" backwards. Plus I don't think Marlen ever used a generic "iridium" nib, they would have at least put their own brand on the nib (as shown on most of the pens here http://marlenpens.it/ ) Most nibs that simply say "Iridium Point" are typically generics.


Picture of a common Marlen Nib design, they vary in design, but all of them are intricate with the brand on them.



The Nib appears to be identical to the one in this thread: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/36872-need-help-identifying-this-pen/

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I'm afraid this nib fake ... What can I do?


Fake/Generic, either or, not Marlen clearly.


If you recently got it from ebay, contact the seller to return it, if they don't want to take a return, file a claim with eBay as "Item not Described" stating that it's not a Marlen. But whichever way you do it, least contact the seller first to let them know that part of the pen if not all of the pen is not an authentic Marlen product.

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