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Problems With The Noodler's Ahab Pen

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Hello everyone, and thanks for all your comprehensive replies! :)


I appear to have been able to get my Ahab to work well (it's not so dry now), and it flexes about as much, perhaps a little more, than a Nikko G nib.

The problem was the feed being placed way too far from the tip of the nib. I reassembled the Ahab, placing the feed closer to the tip (actually, a little closer than what was in the reference photos), and managed to get it to work rather well.

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glad to hear you were able to get the Ahab sorted out. Many of us truly enjoy these pens. My feeling is perhaps Nathan has a bit of an evil streak to him, he designed the Ahab to be a tinker's pen, but, it seems he forgot the learning curve that goes along with tinkering. I'm not trying to start a flame war or even discredit Nathan (who seems to have a vault of knowledge in his head). I respect the man, but, I wonder if he has forgotten the challenges he first faced in learning how to make a fountain pen perform exactly as he wanted.


All of this being said, I like my Noodler's pens because they have taught me lessons (sometimes the hard way by destroying a feed), but, I've learned. Of course, if I am carrying a pen with me to a customer site, I need some level of comfort that it won't drip ink all over the place :D



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Haha, French, I'm glad that I got it sorted out too :)


Personally, the Ahab _has_ taught me a lot about fountain pens, and I would say it was a good (in a way) experience, even though it wasn't smooth at all :P

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I tried Ahab, Neponset, Triple Tail all worked a little bit and then had so many problems.  I developed a real love/hate thing with these pens and then one day I got mad and threw them all out.

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