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Dead Diplomat (Magnum Soft Touch)


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A few months ago I purchased a Diplomat Magnum Soft Touch. I went to refill it a couple of weeks ago... and it stopped writing. Dead in the water. No ink to the paper.


I flushed it this past weekend, and tried forcing ink through the feed with the converter. The ink gets to the feed and to the breather hole, but nothing beyond that.


I probably tweaked the nib somehow, so is there anything I should take a look at? This is one of those pens that the nib does not come out, so I'm going to have to adjust it on the pen.


Thanks in advance.

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Does the converter come out? If so, you could use one of those ear-cleaning bulbs, or a syringe, to force water through the feed. I've sometimes had this happen when some small particle was obstructing the flow in the feed channel. If you force the water through it may be dislodged. Otherwise, lifting the nib slightly away from the feed, or conversely pressing it closer in, might be the solution - although I would not expect this, seeing that you already wrote with the pen.

Good luck, and let us know how you solve it!

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I have the same pen and it is an extremely slow pen. I think the slit between the tines is incorrectly sized as you have to apply careful, slow, deliberate pressure to get it to write.


You can see the ink trying to make its way down the slit as you struggle with it. The nib is springy which doesn't help as it springs wide too soon for the ink to catch up. I have found that if you keep your writing speed slow and deliberate, it writes with quite a wet line for about a page or so. You then have to cap it for a few seconds and resume. It is the only Diplomat pen I have and it is quite a disappointment. It is definitely one I will send to get adjusted when I am somewhere where that is an option.

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So apparently it's alive again! :D


I had someone take a look at it at a pen meet-up. Apparently the feed was so clogged from the ink I used in there the previous time (Diamine Sapphire Blue? Something else?) that it just dried up and made the pen inoperable. It took two days of cleaning it but it writes with Pelikan 4001 Black.


This might be one of those pens where it needs a better flowing ink.

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