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Pelikan M205 White M Nib Review

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I will print the review as well. No one should have to read my handwriting. Sorry, pen pals!post-28424-0-86492200-1400804113_thumb.jpg


Pelikan M205 White pen 14K M nib from Richard Binder--Diamine Grey Clairefontaine Pupitre


At first, when I saw ads for this pen, I didn't like the grey window. Then I started looking at grey inks, and I decided I needed it!


This is a gorgeous pen. It is not bright white. It is the color of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. It has a slightly more vivid or stronger color than G Lalo Verge White or Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton, both of which have a cream color, nearly identical. I highly recommend both these papers.


Back to the pen, what can I say? This 14k M nib from Richard Binder writes like "hot butter on glass." I haven't tested it on the Verge paper, but I don't think texture would be a problem. I don't think writing in a car traveling over potholes would be a problem! In other words, it's smooth! James Bond smooth. Jackie O in casual wear smooth. This is a pen you wouldn't even notice you were using if it weren't so damn pretty!


(Along the margin)


There is a reason they went with silver-colored furniture. It's a pinkish ivory. It almost clashes with the 14k nib.

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The Diamine Grey ink makes the window look black. J Herbin Gris Nuage, or some other pale grey, would be a better ink choice if that bothers you. I started getting larger nibs for writing with Gris Nuage and Bouquet D'Antan. Can't wait until I can try Gris Nuage in this pen, but I hadn't used Diamine Grey in a while.

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I just ordered this pen a few days ago in black with a steel M nib (prob will replace it later). Found it half off on fountain pen hospital and couldn't resist! This will be my first Pelikan, a preamble to the M800 I'm planning on getting after the new year.

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I have read a lot about the nib on the M205 having quality control problems from the factory. What has been your experience?

We got two M205s here a couple of months ago, both with EF nibs. No problems at all, they both write smoothly and wet (maybe a little too wet for me). As good as, or better than, any of our other similar size pens.


That said, my wife's now has a Binder Waverly nib installed, and mine a Binder .9mm Italifine. We can switch back to the EF nibs at any time, and probably will now and again.

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