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Anyone Who Knows How Exactly To Use This Strange Thing?

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Cleaning up the attic, I found this:




I guess you're suposed to use it in some smart way to draw pencil lines to guide your writing. Anyone who has any experience using it? (Do you slide it along a ruler or something like that?) What are the two round holes on the bottom for?


By the way: it's smaller than it looks. The markings are in cm, not in inches ;)


By the way II: on the other side, it has exactly the same markings plus the indication 'Rotring Art 522 370'.

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It looks like it might be Rotring's version of the 'Ames Lettering Guide' used by architects back in the day to set up guidelines for their drawings.

What I'm looking for: Montblanc 132, 235, 422 and 432. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Yes, it's a lettering guide. You slide it along a ruler with a pencil in one of the left- or right-facing points to draw a guideline. Repeat using a different point but DON'T move the ruler until you have drawn all of the guidelines for one line of text. Then move the ruler for the next line of text and repeat the process.


The guide cutouts are repeated (mirrored) on both sides of the guide. This allows you to draw lines a bit longer than your ruler by working from both ends toward the middle.


The two holes should be for putting the guide into your loose-leaf notebook so you don't loose it.

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It looked self-explanatory, still I'm happy asking the question. The specialists illustrate there's quite a lot more to it.

Thanks for the replies. Now all that's left to be done: try it out!

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  • 7 years later...

Seven years later, and I have information to add. I'm actually pleased that when I went looking for more information about this tool, that I found this conversation on FPN. The lining guide, to use it's published name, is supposed to be attached to a Rotring drafting machine guide using the two holes to attach the connector. The device then slides along the drafting machine straitedge.. I've attached photos...








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7 years later, the puzzle is compleet. Brilliant!

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