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Pen Identification Help Needed Please


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Hello Shaeffer lovers and experts. A local estate auction is coming up next weekend and it has a couple good pens. One of them is claimed to be a Shaeffer fountain pen. Unfortunately this auctioneer only puts up one photo which works fine for a table. So no pic of the nib or what the filling mechanism could be.


I'll probably go to the auction to see what the pen looks like in person. They have online bidding, so my guess is someone online will bid up the price and get it (regardless of what it really is).


I don't know anything about Shaeffer's so any guesses as to model. Clearly it was meant to be a fancy pen.



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It's a Lady Sheaffer Skripsert V:



(From pendemonium.com)


Here's a photo of one showing the nib:



(from sheaffertarga.com)


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Thanks so much! Found one on the bay and some of the other models. Fancy cartridge pens for us ladies. Very thoughtful I'd say.


Now I have a better/rough idea on pricing. It shouldn't go for too much, but we'll see.

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Quite nice. I especially like it uncapped. The white section is very unusual and looks quite elegant. Wonder why they didn't go for a gold nib. Seems like it would have been more appropriate to the rest of the color scheme.


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I went to the auction today and was able to examine the pen. Interestingly it had a black section, not a white one. The nib is slightly bent up, so I'll need to fix that. It is a cartridge pen, so I'll either need a converter or have to buy some Shaeffer Skrip cartridges for it. Paid more than I thought it should go for based on ebay prices, but the words "gold filigree" bid up the price I think. Someone else was bidding too. But overall I did OK.


Thanks for the help. Will post a pic or two tomorrow.

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The nib is slightly bent up, so I'll need to fix that.



Most likely that is normal. Many older Sheaffer pens came with an upturned nib.


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how much did you pay for it (have been curious) and for the nib it is upturned a bit from the company itself for all the lady sheaffers

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I've got a couple of these and yes, the upturned nib is normal. It's supposed to give a bigger "sweet spot". There were ads for the Lady Scripsert in my Mum's Readers Digest magazines back in the 60's. I loved 'em then - still do!

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Paid $20. More than I wanted to pay based on what I'd seen on recent ebay auctions, and given that it is a cartridge pen.


Thanks for the info on the nib, that's great news since I have no nib adjusting skills at all!

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