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Two Parker 51S In Beijing

Tom Kellie

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Tom Kellie

~ On 20 February, 2014 a pair of fully restored Aerometric Parker 51 fountain pens with gold-filled caps were ordered from Mike McConnell of Mostly Parker 51. As I live and work in Beijing, China, I expected that there might be a considerable delay until they arrived.


This evening I finally received the box which Mike had shipped. Both Parker 51s were in superb condition, having been carefully wrapped and packed so as to afford maximum protection during international shipping.


The burgundy Parker 51 has the original medium/broad nib, while Mike fitted the forest green pen with an extra fine nib, at my request. Both pens were exactly as advertised, with exemplary craftsmanship restoring them to a very fine condition. With the attached photos, I'll attach a writing sample.


The burgundy medium/broad pen wrote smoothly immediately after inking. As the forest green extra fine pen had a slightly irregular ink flow, I followed Mike's advice which resulted in a smooth ink flow for that pen, as well.


I'm a university instructor who uses pens to correct student research papers and to write notes about the life sciences. My other fountain pens are four Lamy Safari pens – 1 M, 2 F and 1 EF nib – and four Montblanc 149 Meisterstück fountain pens – 1 M and 3 EF nibs.


The Meisterstück 149s have been satisfactory in all respects, setting a high standard. In another post, I've described my pleasure in using a Montblanc 90th anniversary Meisterstück 149 EF fountain pen.




Having typed that, it's apparent late this evening that these professionally restored Parker 51s both are the sort of smooth writers which I especially cherish in my work. It will be great fun to use them as ‘workhorse pens’ both in and out of the classroom, as the Montblanc and Lamy pens are used.


With gratitude, I'm delighted to heartily recommend Mostly Parker 51 as a trustworthy business of the highest standards, as Mike McConnell deeply appreciates the elegant design of Parker 51 fountain pens.


I'll attach several images, the originals of which may be viewed at full size in my Zenfolio Gallery.









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Congrats on getting such nice pens. The burgundy is very nice looking. And IIRC, Forest Green is an uncommon color (and therefore I believe is considered more desirable than some of the more common colors.).

I have a quick question for you. Is there any way for you to measure the nibs on the two pens? I have a Black Aero with an EF nib, but on my others I'm not sure of the nib width. I think the Plum Demi is a medium (it certainly is a juicy writer) but I'm not completely certain; the blue Aero (which I keep waffling about whether it's Midnight Blue or Teal from looking at pictures) might be an F, but again I can't tell.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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