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South Korea Ink Sample Exchange


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I've slowly been discovering fountain pen users one by one here in South Korea and I was wondering if there was any interest in exchanging ink samples/supplies/etc among those of us in the country. Ink sample vials can be easily purchased on Gmarket and shipping should be fairly cheap. Of course if you live in the same city, you can exchange in person. Anyone interested?

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I have seen very few FPN members residing in Korea, but that would be an awesome idea if it can get through. I believe there are some fountain pen communities on Naver/Daum; have you tried those places?

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I have met a few fountain pen users on other social media networks that are in Korea. I've even met some in person that I'm not sure even participate in the online FP community. Seems like we're quite disconnected. I'm a part of the biggest FP community on Daum, but the language barrier makes it difficult for me to organize anything with them, unfortunately. I'm hoping to get the attention of more English speakers who are living here.

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I am a FP user and will be landing in Korea in June. As a woodturner I only use the pens I make but I have started getting into inks. Would love to learn and maybe participate.

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Great, that's good to hear! I've talked to a few people on Reddit who seem like they'd be interested as well.



great please keep me posted.

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