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Rough Pelikan 100N Cn/steel Nib--How To Smooth?


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I recently got this wonderful Pelikan 100N but the nib feels like writing with sandpaper or a piece of metal--which it is...


I'm wondering it it just needs to be smoothed and if so, how? I don't have any tools or kit, and have no idea how to do it myself. I'm willing to try it if it's easy and not risky to do.


Or could it be that the nib has oxidized? I don't see a lot of black on it but it's not shiny either. If anyone could give me some pointers, I'd be very grateful. It's currently inked so you might be seeing ink in this picture too...


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Mylar pad or 12000 grit paper,, check Gouletpens.com inexpensive

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Thanks, how many passes would it take to smooth it? Is there info about nib smoothing somewhere?

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Depends on how badly scratchy your nib is. There's a sticky in this repair section about repair references, you'll surely find everything about nib smoothing there. Maybe you should take a look at the tip if the tines are correctly aligned, if not a nib can be scratchy too.

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Watch the videos at the bottom of these two pages:






If your serious about your pen usage/buying/collecting, I would suggest purchasing one of the "Package Sets" (Goulet Pen Cleaning and Tuning Package Set or Goulet Pen Tuning Package Set ) on the following page:




Good luck! (If you take your time, and use caution, the basic things are simple, and not very dangerous.)

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First check out if the tines are aligned. For this you will need a loupe.

No sense grinding a nib if you don't check this out first. Once you grind down the tipping material it will not grow back... ;)

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When using the smoothing pads GO SLOW. Take a couple of passes and then try it out. Don't grind a lot all at once, grind and test a max of 3 times and then stop for at least half an hour. Your brain gets fatigued if you don't . Trust me, i have ruined pens with the micromesh pads.

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I second this. In many cases, tine alignment is all that's needed.


First check out if the tines are aligned. For this you will need a loupe.
No sense grinding a nib if you don't check this out first. Once you grind down the tipping material it will not grow back... ;)

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Thanks for all the links and words of caution. to be honest, I'd rather not have to 'grind it'--that sounds so much more dangerous than smoothing it!

I doubt it's the tine alignment, since I've had that problem with other pens and knows what it feels like. I'm wondering if it's rust on the nib of the pen.

if so, would smoothing help at all? i'll check out the links first...

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On the link above he shows you how to clean the nib from these things alos


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95% of the time! the problem is tine related! In other words, the tines are mis-aligned.....


Make sure, as this has already been said above, that you have a good loupe...."I use a 15x lighted loupe"


The pen should be pointed at you like it is going to stab you in the eye 1st, then 2nd, drop in down a bit and check it again!


Between these two angles you should get a good view of the tines, from there you make your decision on where or not it needs adjusting or you can move right into smoothing!

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      @Texas42 Thank you. I myself have recently had the experience of cleaning out a Wing Sung 699, in which the iron-gall ink has been sitting for six months. No damage to the metal piston rod (whereas, in a Wing Sung 3013 vacuum-filler, it would have been corroded, turned green, and contaminated the ink in mere weeks), but there was a ring of colour at the far end of the barrel that wouldn't budge, and I found it impossible to unscrew the filling mechanism to clean the interior wall of the ink rese
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    • A Smug Dill
      Thanks for your input! Yes, not putting wood in the list of body materials warranting a mention was an oversight. I love pens with wooden bodies, but my main concern, or chagrin, is that I have not come across a wooden-bodied pen with a wooden cap that seals well. Actually, there is one, but it isn't really wood per se: the Pilot Custom Kaede's maple body is resin impregnated. All other wooden pens I have can dry out while capped and undisturbed; that includes several Platinum #3776 models.
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