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Sailor 1911 Profit Demonstrator 21K Zoom Nib


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This is my first review in here. Actually, it is my first pen review ever.


I have purchased the Sailor Profit Demo pen with the 21k Zoom nib. Why? Sailor because I have read a lot about it and the specific nib because it looked interesting and versatile. As I usually tend towards the medium and the broad nibs I thought it would be good to try the combination of them (and more) in one nib.


First impression (9/10)


I am usually a fan of classic pens. This means that the transparent pen with the gold trims would not usually be my first choice. Would it not been transparent, It would be a classic pen.

My very initial reaction when it was still in the box was not very enthusiastic.

However, upon touching and opening the pen and after inking it I have already started liking it. No more than 5 minutes after filling it with ink (Iroshizuku asa-gao) I was in love with the pen. It is a beautiful pen, well balanced, glides over the paper - any paper. It feels good in the hand, despite the fact it is transparent it does not look cheap but rather a quality pen as it should. The gold parts are actually neat, The 21k gold zoom nib is wonderful. what can I say more?


Appearance (9/10)


I find this pen to be beautiful. The Sailor 1911 Profit is not a small pen. It has a presence and the transparent polymer with the gold combination of the demo pen gives it some kind of grace.
The reason for not giving it 10 out of 10 is that IMO it is not as nice when capped or without a cap as it looks when posted.
Design/Size/Weight (10/10)
As I have already mentioned in my first impression, the design has some twist. The twist comes from the combination of the transparency with the gold trim, clip, rings. Even the converter is a combination of gold and transparency (not when filled of course).
When posted, the size and weight of this pen are just right for me. It is not too heavy and not too light. My hand does not get tired from writing a few consequent pages with it.
When it is not posted, well, the pen is too light for my needs. But I have always liked writing with a posted pen (otherwise I lose the cap) so that is not an issue at all. If you like your pen to be light, you can hold it non posted. It is big enough to do so.
The Nib (11/10)
We can agree that the most important part of the pen is the nib - can we?
I have read and heard that the Sailor nibs are the best of the best.
This pen came with the 21k gold Zoom nib. Indeed it is the best nib I have ever experienced.
Maybe I should mention that I do have another Sailor FP with an excellent nib (FM grade) but not as this one!
his Zoom nib is just perrrrrrrrrrfect. For me of course...
Writes on both sides, soft as butter. Naturally, the broader side is wetter but not necessarily feathery.
I write in English and in Hebrew - actually more in Hebrew than in English. That means that I write from right to left and not only from left to right. This nib has no issue with that. None whatsoever. It is soft and smooth and fluent on both sides and in both languages.
It seems to write itself.
Filling System (10/10)
The original Pilot ink converter that comes with the pen is suited for this one. It is a transparent piston converter. You just click it in and twist.
As aforementioned, it is transparent with gold and that integrates with the general look of the pen.
It does the job very well.
I am not sure how long the ink will last between the fillings . This pen is on the wetter side of life and will consume more ink but there is nothing unusual about it. If anything, I will update in the future.
Cost and Value (10/10)
This Sailor full size pens with the 21k nibs are sold in eBay and Amazone for a range between $180 - $300.
For the quality that it provides, and my great satisfaction with it - I think that it is a great value for money.
Besides, I have purchased this pen from egaika on eBay - price is relatively low, the lowest I could find and the service is amazing. I will relate to my most positive experience with Mr. Taizo from egaika in the proper forum.
Conclusion - Total Rating 9.75/10
Boy, am I glad with this pen.
Up to date it is the pen that I like most from my 20somthing FP collection.
It is beautiful, classic in shape yet with a twist. The nib is is gorgeous in shape and writing. The pen is well balanced and fun to write with.
The pen writes, smooth, soft and of courseit can write in difference widths. So I actually have a few nibs in one.
Considering that this is not the cheapest pen in town, it is of great value for money. I would warmly recommend it if you can afford the cost.










Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one has seen,

but to think what nobody has yet thought,

about that which everybody sees (Erwin Schrodinger)

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nice looking pen, thanks for the pictures and for the nice review, enjoy your new sailor :)


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Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one has seen,

but to think what nobody has yet thought,

about that which everybody sees (Erwin Schrodinger)

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Thank you for the review. I have heard that Sailor makes great nibs and that they trend to the small size, approx. 1 size down v. european sizes but I am quite amazed to see it in your sample. Can you show a side by size comparison of say medium nibs between your new Sailor and a Pelikan or some other European pen?



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