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Spare Nibs With Platinum And Other Japanese Pens

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Is it possible to buy extra nibs, without the pen body available with platinum pens? Pelikan and Aurora sell standalone nibs and just wanted to know if I'd be able buy different nib types for a platinum pen purchase that I'm planning in the nectar few days..

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Especially in Japan, Japanese pens seem to be sold as a unit with the nib, and they don't typically sell spares or other parts for them. Oftentimes if you want different nibs, you would have to get more than one pen.



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Typically, no.

If you really need to have another size nib, I suggest you find a used pen and swap them out.

Check out Yahoo Japan. A good number of used pens have been showing up lately. You might get lucky and find one cheap.


If you have a Platinum, try writing Nakaya or getting in touch with John Mottishaw who represents them in America.

He should have a decent stock of nibs that are common to a 3776 (assuming that is your pen) and a Nakaya.


Pilot nibs are easily changed. I have a 1930s Japanese nib in one on my modern pens.

You might try other makers. Go to pen shows and see who has stocks of nibs. some sellers always do.

A resource might be Masahiro, whose contact information is shown in the Linked Topics section of this forum.

He has strong connections with Pilot. No English is spoken. Price might be high. But, check it out.

Depends on how much you want another nib.


With Sailor, you might need to go to Japan.


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stan do shops in japan sell sailor nibs

Pilot custom heritage 74 all nibs, 742 Fa and PO nibs, 823 F 92 F,M, 3776 FM,EF,1911F

And all indian pens

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