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How Many Pens Do You Have, And How Much Would You Spend On Each...

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What's your pen limit?  

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  1. 1. How many pens do you let yourself have?

  2. 2. What's the most you will spend on a pen?

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I've decided to impose a limit of ten pens on myself, in an effort to ensure that all of my pens are used, and not just sitting there.


What's your pen limit? Why do you have one? Why don't you have one?


I've also made myself promise never to spend too much on any one pen - do you have a top limit? What is it?

You can spot a writer a mile off, they're the ones meandering in the wrong direction muttering to themselves and almost walking into every second lamppost.

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I make similar promises at the start of every year……but promises, promises never to keep, and miles to go before I sleep (due apologies to Frost)

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I have four at the moment, most expensive was about $65.

I'd probably spend 100USD max on any new pen I'd buy, however maybe that'll change in the future.

Parker 75, Ingenuity, Premier, Sonnet, Urban | Pelikan M400 | TWSBI Diamond 580 | Visconti Rembrandt

Currently inked: Diamine Apple Glory (Rembrandt), Pelikan 4001 Turquoise (M400), Lamy Black (Diamond 580)

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The Blue Knight

For now at university I would not dream of spending more then £100. When I graduate £200 as I want an M600 and a Duofold. When I retire £600 as I will by myself a Yard o Led Grand Victorian.


In terms of quantity of pens it's far more difficult to assign a limit in terms of quantity alone. Due to events that have happened to me. I stupidly used to carry my Late matte Black Parker Sonnet around with me unfortunately one fateful day I lost it and haven't seen it since. I got a good piece of advice off another member ac12 to categories collection and only carry around pens that in the worst case scenario can afford to loss and pens that don't leave my room etc. Since then I have done that


Everyday Uni pens (basically pens that cost £15 and below)

7 pens, 3 I care about 4 pens that are pen from my schooling.


Some of these pens such as the Vector and Reflex I rarely touch as they I brought them before I started pen collecting. But the fact that I don't really care about them is an advantage as I if I lost one I wouldn't care too much. So I would only say the Frontier (unexpected gem of a nib), Safari (like the colour), I.M. (kindly PIF'd to me by the member by Rui from the UK) are pens that make it into my collection.


Pens to use Mostly in my Room

Lamy; Studio (Stainless Steel)

rotring; Esprit (Tourmaline), Freeway (Blue)

Cross; Centuary II (Barley Corn)

Diplomat; Esteem (Blueberry)

Sheaffer; Intensity (Violet)

6 pens


These pens the pens I really consider to be in my collection as I think they offer a lot interesting variety and these accomplished my early on goal to own a pen from each of the major "non-elite brands".


Pens That Live at home permanently away from temptation (grail)

Sonnet (Checked Grey GT 18K Nib)

1 pen


I won't impose a numerical limit on my collection but I do impose a financial one from this year on-wards of about £60 on pens I buy (gift's not counted). So I'm only really on 10 pens at the moment. My current shortlist has 3 pens which are all between £60-£110. So fortunately enough due to expensive tastes my collection is set to grow any time soon.


What pens does the OP have how close are they to the 10 pen limit? How much is too much for them?

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The most I've spent on a pen has been around $225 (I have right about 20 pens in total, most of them vintage pens, a few are modern Japanese pens that range from $100-225) so I guess that is my upper limit. I really don't see myself getting a $225 pen again.

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What pens does the OP have how close are they to the 10 pen? How much is too much for them?


Snort, "close". I went over and as a result in selling one on the classifieds and getting rid of two others that don't suit me (though if anyone wants them, feel free to PM)



  1. Lamy Safari Aqua - M
  2. Lamy Safari Red - M
  3. Lamy Al-Star Purple - F
  4. Lamy ABC - 1.9 mm Italic (used as a highlighter)
  5. Lamy Nexx Pink - A
  6. Lamy Nexx Lime - M
  7. Sheaffer 330 Blue - M
  8. Waterman Hemisphere White - M
  9. Parker Vector Green - M
  10. Pelikan M250 Black - M


  1. Faber-Castell Basic Matte - F (too heavy)
  2. Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands - M (too heavy)
  3. Noodler's Ahab Clear - semi flex (spits ink)

As for how much is too much, I just bought a Pelikan M250 as my 21st gift, and now refuse to spend more on pens for at least three months.

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You can spot a writer a mile off, they're the ones meandering in the wrong direction muttering to themselves and almost walking into every second lamppost.

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The most I've spent is about $180 US. But that was for the Pelikan 400 brown tortoise, and that was pretty special circumstances; of course now that I have it I want another 400! :blush:. The most I probably ever *would* spend (assuming I could ever afford one) would be for a YoL Viceroy Victorian.

As for the limit, if you had asked me this 2 years ago, it would have been between forty and sixty. Since I'm now around 75, I've obviously been grossly underestimating.... :rolleyes: So I said "100". Because beyond that point I think that the rotation is going to be far too unwieldy.

But I've been really good to my wallet this year -- only two pens bought so far. And no inks (well, not yet anyway...).

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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I literally have hundreds of pens. Yes, in the hundreds. The very low hundreds, but hundreds, nonetheless. No, wasn't hard to do (just ask my empty bank account). A large portion, though, were very inexpensive pens acquired while trying to figure out early on just what types of pens I liked and fit my hand and I wanted to write with.


The most I ever spent on pens was a mid four-figure number for a pair of custom Danitrio urushi and Maki-e pens (back in 2007 - it would cost a whole lot more now). Hopefully, they will go to my niece one day.


I do keep a few new and unused, low cost starter pens on hand (Metropolitans, Plaisirs, etc) to give to persons who have shown an interest in fountain pens, or "just because."


I have no intent to cull the herd down, at least not by much and not by any of my finer pens. I am "connected" in some way to most of the pens I own, and there are many which have particular meaning or sentiment behind them. When I die (hopefully not for a good 40 or 50 more years), my heirs can figure it out from there.


I have nearly as many inks.


Yes, I am a hoarder of all things "writing," and many things "crafting."


Because of where I am right now in life, there is not a plan to purchase any more pens. There are a few I would like to get, but need is now the leader, not want. So, because my prior choices are now affecting my current situation, my only choice now is what pen I currently have to use and enjoy today. The "rotation" just got serious.

Scribere est agere.

To write is to act.


Danitrio Fellowship

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Yes, I like using all my pens but then I don't have time and it wanes but I wash them out. I usually use mainly Italian or Conklin. I use to spend a lot but not since 2000. :rolleyes:

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I don't have a maximum number of pens. I do own a 48 pen case that is not full. I figure that if I get close to filling it, it's time to downsize. I figure I need some variety in nibs and colors, and I want a few extra pens in case I want to try out a new ink. I did downsize last fall, but I didn't have the case full.


As for cost: I struggle with this one. I own a Pilot Custom 823 and a Pilot Justus 95. Both are very expensive pens. A Pelikan m800 is on my "maybe someday, but probably not" list. I'm also a bit curious about a few of the exotic filling mechanisms available with Edison. So, I won't say there is a maximum on cost either. However, I find that I'm very happy with Noodler's pens. I'm also currently investigating a $100 Monteverde Regatta Sport, but I really don't have a passion for it. I'd say that this is my more typical cost limit.

Proud resident of the least visited state in the nation!

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I think I'm going to set my limit at ten fountain pens and five other types. If I don't set a limit, I'll be in trouble. Also, I'll allow myself only one super expensive pen; the rest have to be under $100.


Right now I own four fountain pens and have two on the way (one of which is a cheap flex to see if I like that kind of pen at all).


Once I hit ten, I may allow myself a new pen each year, but that depends on if I'd actually use them and take care pf them.

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Heh, I only have five pens right now, but I might limit myself to one-hundred pens. Or not, I may just keep going. The one area I really don't have a hard limit on is cost. I already have a $1300 Nakaya and already want to save up for a maki-e one in the $3k-$4k range. All hope has been lost on price limits.


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I want to keep it down to 5.


A Duofold, Sonnet, 1911L, a Sapporo, and one yet to be determined. Maybe I'll replace the Sonnet's nib with a gold one, but I don't think it'll necessary.

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I have no self imposed limit and I have plenty of room for more. My spending limit is more pedestrian in that I am highly unlikely to spend over $500 on any one pen. I usually spend no more than $150.

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I decided to limit myself to 40 total, but I have sinking feeling it may be more than that, especially since after I actually counted my pens to discoverI have 20. Even though there are only 15 more on my most recent wish list. However, I was just looking through vintage pens online, and thought that it might be interesting to have a few. That might throw it all out the window, hah.


Luckily space is not an issue for me either. So I probably should have voted up to 100. I really can't imagine having more, except if I get into the collecting for collections sake.


My Platinum Preppy f pens will probably need to be replaced over time - I hear they last about a year or so. I will have my rainbow collection of them around for the foreseeable future, as they are excellent for my Adventures in Ink.


I keep one pen at work, my Nemosine F Demonstrator.


I could see spending over 250 for ONE very nice pen, when I hit 60, or when I retire, or something, but in general I probably won't spend more than 150 dollars, and chances are it will average far less.

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I haven't set any limit for myself on the number of pens I should have. Doing that seems rather artificial. I suppose if it got to the point where the pens were actually taking up a significant amount of storage space I'd have to rethink this, but that would be a lot of pens.


$200 will do for a limit on the amount I would spend on a single pen, mainly because of diminishing returns on actual performance. I have gone over $150. When I have seriously considered buying a pen costing more than $200, I have either talked myself out of it or found the same model for less elsewhere.


Arguably it makes more sense to set a limit on total spending than on the cost of individual pens. I have at least five pens that cost over $100. What's the difference between that and having one pen that cost over $500? My answer is that I have those five pens instead of just one, and I simply don't believe that a $500 one would be that much better in ways that are important to me. Not everyone sees it that way, though.

"So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do."


- Benjamin Franklin

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I don't want to put limits on my sources of happiness. The world already has too many limits to this and that, as it is. I have over 200 pens, many of them quite expensive ones, but their costs have nothing to do with the pleasure they give me (costs bring pain, if anything). For as long as my family's needs are met and I contribute to society, I should feel free to buy, keep, and play with as many pens as I can afford. I try to make up for this indulgence with greater industry; that's where the discipline comes into play for me.

Check out my blog and my pens

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I've decided to impose a limit of ten pens on myself, in an effort to ensure that all of my pens are used, and not just sitting there.


What's your pen limit? Why do you have one? Why don't you have one?


I've also made myself promise never to spend too much on any one pen - do you have a top limit? What is it?

I long ago decided not to impose any limits.

No 'pen limit'. Speaking for myself.. it is not necessary.

Again..no limit. Of course this is a personal preference..and in the grand

scheme of things {any/some/nothin'...}for me not really important..and

they are small things that take up little space..unlike motorcicles..cars..planes..boats..

books..et al..which require a larger space....{happy smiley face time}....




The Look Of Love ---- Dusty Springfield

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The highest number of pens I'll probably ever own is about 20; after that, managing which ones to ink is going to be too difficult. Even then, there's a chance said limit may not last.


The real issue lies in the pens I would like to have at some point. They're all *relatively* expensive, especially for a college student. Considering I have my eye on a Visconti HS bronze and/or a Pelikan M320 this year, my budget is going to be shot.


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Oh, and on price, it's easy. That'll be €350-ish. I just don't see the added value beyond that and don't feel the slightest need (aversion, more likely) to consider anything more expensive.

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