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Hi, I'm very excited to say my first hello :)

I'm from Calcutta, India and recently switched my city to Delhi.

Professionaly I'm a director of design and a fashion editorial photographer
by choice. I have been using fountain pens since I was kid, I remember,
the first fountain pen I've ever used is a Parker 51. Now, I'm a Sailor man.

Three things I can't live without; my Sailor Sapporo, my Moleskine
and my Winsor & Newton watercolour.

Greeting, AR

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Welcome. One warning, it is a great place to become obsessed with fountain pens and there are a great bunch of enablers.


Wood engraver, potter, and sketch with fountain pens here. Do you sketch with your pen and use the Winsor Newton washes over the line drawings?

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Wow -- your first pen was a 51? I'm jealous! I never heard of them until I found my way here a couple of years ago. Now I have 4 of them, plus a 51 Special and a 21. LinearM is right, BTW -- this place is just loaded with enablers.

You probably will want to spend a lot of time in the Ink Review forum if you like color at all -- there are some really amazing inks out there.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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Hi and welcome to FPN!


Enjoy :D



''You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes''. A A Milne

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Hi and :W2FPN:



Enjoy the forum, there's lots to learn.






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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Hello and Welcome to FPN!! Glad to have you as a new member!!


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Hello and welcome, Can. I am glad you have joined us. Please don't be shy about asking questions or stating your opinions. I hope you enjoy the time you spend with us.



No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationery. -Anon.

A backward poet writes inverse. -Anon.

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Howdy and welcome to the FPN. Seems that you have much experience with pens. FPN ' found ' me about a year ago and I'd held a FP only a few times. After coming here, a person with one pen, I have been ' forced ' to seek more, and more, and more.... Enjoy.



If your out-go is more than your income,


Then your up-keep.


May be your Down-falll!!!



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