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Looking To Upgrade To New Pen For Graduation- Student


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So I've been writing with the Lamy Al-Star XF for a while now. I am a high school student, but I am looking to upgrade to a new pen. I plan on working for a few summers and want to buy to say a graduation pen. I want to buy a pen that I can be proud of owning. I'm looking for some pens in the $30-$100 or even more. Any suggestions?


P.S I am interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point.

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The Vanishing Point is very nice looking, but you really need to try before you buy - the clip is very 'love it or hate it' and can make holding the pen awkward.


If you like the XF nib, you could try looking at Japanese pens like Pilot or Platinum, as these are usually thinner than German nibs (like Lamy)


Then again, if you like your Lamy, upgrading to a different Lamy is also a valid option - I myself have a whole selection of lamys because I find the nibs and triangular grip suit me.


Hope you find something you love!


- Charlie


PS The Edisons are pretty awesome looking too - especially the Premiere, which is a Goulet exclusive. No affiliation, just a customer who spends far too much there!

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Couple things to think about, based on my experience.

You should have 2 classes/pools of pens.


#1 For home, these pens will almost never leave the safety of you house. This is where you can get any pen you want, because you don't need to worry about theft, loss or damage. You can use fussier pens (lever fill ink sac, eye dropper, etc.) at home because you are not under the pressure of taking notes in class. If you want a special graduation pen, this is the category for it. Here you could have pens like a Pelikan M200, Lamy 2000, etc.


#2 For school or office. These are what I call my office pens. The idea being if you lost or damaged the pen, or if was stolen (like mine was), it is not a significant financial hit to your wallet and budget, and is easily replaced. This is where the Lamy Al Star and Safari go, and Pilot 78G and Metropolitan, and most of the Chinese pens.


Now as for a graduation pen, here are a few ideas both new and vintage based on my limited view of the available pens:


  • Esterbrook: J or LJ
  • Eversharp: Skyline
  • Parker: 51 (you want the aerometric model), Vacumatic
  • Sheaffer: Snorkel, Touchdown


  • Cross
  • Lamy: cp1 (slimline pen), Studio (fat pen), 2000 (also a fat pen)
  • Parker: Sonnet
  • Pelikan: 150, M200
  • Pilot: Vanishing Point (this is a fat and heavy pen)
  • Sheaffer: Pelude
  • TWSBI (I think all the TWSBI's are fat)
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I'll second Charlie Turtle's recommendation of an Edison pen if you can swing $150-175.


But if you already love Lamy you might consider upgrading to the Studio or even a Lamy 2000 if you can go as high as $150-160.


If you are open to vintage pens, there are some really cool new old stock Sheaffer Imperials on eBay for $45-70 that are cartridge/ converter pens that will make a nice statement, too.

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I love the Pilot Vanishing Points. I have three, and two extra nib units. I also have two Lamy 2000s. Both I think are great choices.


If tomorrow I had $150 to spend I would give some thought to the Pilot Stargazer.


Good luck on your search. Half the fun is the acquiring.

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That is a nice thread.



Personally, I like the vanishing point as a high end contender, right along with any of the Edison production models that catch your eye. I have multiples of each. Nibs are ridiculously easy to swap out on both, so like the Lamy, you can have more than one nib unit for a pen. Distinct advantage for the vp - you can have more than one barrel for one nib unit, you can buy them separate from the nib units as well as buying nib units separate from the pen. The VP is also a workhorse, and quite convenient with click and go. Your only bad point with a vp might be the clip placement, but really, I've not seen so many that have an issue.


I never cared for the Lamy Studio or 2k, because the sloping metal sections did not agree with my grip and I always ended up fingers on nib. If a metal section works for you, the Lamy Studio might, too. I'm in the vast minority, I believe. It is just something I don't like.


Lamy CP1 or Lamy Logo might be good. These are very slender pens, however. I have the CP1 in black finish, it reminds me of the Uni Ball rollerball pens I used to use a work years ago.


A Pelikan M200/M205/M215 might be a choice, it's the same size as an M400, just steel vs gold nib. It is piston fill.


The Monteverde Invincia series might work. It is a heavy pen, however. They look nice, though, and the one that I have may not have the best nib, but it writes ok nonetheless.

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A Pelikan M200/M205/M215 might be a choice, it's the same size as an M400, just steel vs gold nib. It is piston fill.



M250 is available on thewritingdesk with the gold nib, though shipping to the US may balance out the fact that they'll knock the VAT off for you.

You can spot a writer a mile off, they're the ones meandering in the wrong direction muttering to themselves and almost walking into every second lamppost.

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I would go with any of the Italix pens from Mr. Pen: http://mrpen.co.uk/ Mr. Ford (aka Mr. Pen) tunes all of the nibs on all the Italix pens, and they are hands-down the smoothest pens I have ever written with. Even the Visconti "Dream Touch" isn't quite as good. Of course there's no way to try them before you buy them, but I don't think there's a need to. I'm sure he'd switch a nib out if you weren't satisfied with it.


There are a whole bunch of Italix pens... my personal favorite is the Captain's Commission. They're all fairly traditional looking, so if I'm understanding what you're going for correctly, you should feel proud of owning any of them.


Also, congratulations on your impending graduation!

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