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Gama "two-Tone" (Duofold Type)


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Continuing to what u have reviewed above...


1st pen in pic in green mottled finish: Gama Popular ... which is called popular because it sells in massive nos and by virtue of that is is popular....nib is excellent, soft and wet....


2nd pen in pic in blue rippled finish: Ratnamson 302 ... which is model from one of the oldest seller in India .... same price bracket as Popular above.... very well finished.... Nib is fine and stiff but not scratchy...




That green & blue combination looks great.

I put my savings to test

Lamy & Pilot FPs the Best

No more I even think of the rest

(Preference Fine and Extra Fine Nibs)

Pen is meant for writing - not for looking :-)

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That Ratnamson 302 is nice looking. Are they available for purchase from outside India?



As far as i know you can directly buy from the manufacturer... they will be able to ship out of India....

vaibhav mehandiratta

architect & fountain pen connoisseur


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I have one of this purchased from ASA pens. The indian rupee pricing is cheaper. I bougnt this model called gama forever for rupees 675 roughly 12 us dollars. I combined with four other pens paid by dd in rupees with a amall addition for shipping and got it delivered to singapre. This way I saved about 40%.


by the way my pen has hardstarting issue but once it starts it writes smoothly

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I love these kind of reviews.


Can I ask what you crafted your overfeed from? It appears to be a blade of some description. I have made a few for some of my drier pens using the thin casing of tea lights.

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It's really great value, and a phenomenal writer. I've sent it on for someone else to enjoy now, but what a fantastic pen.


I made the over feed from a razor blade, thinking it wouldn't corrode because it's designed to get wet and not rust. Unfortunately it did rust and I had to remove the overfeed. I think it would need to be a different material with higher chromium content.

- - -


Currently trying to sell a Pelikan M400 White Tortoise. PM if you're interested. :)

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