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Recommend A Loupe For Nib Shaping?


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Maybe it's my eyes getting a bit more short sighted, I'm starting to struggle with my 10x loupe.


I'd like to have a go at nib reshaping in the future, so reckon this is probably the time to step things up a few gears in terms of magnification anyway. Does anyone have any recommendations, regards to generic magnification, or perhaps a specific model? If anyone uses those LED loupes, what's your opinion?

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I have this one from http://www.independentliving.com/ and a 10x Belomo.




I use the extra 4x on the LED one more often than the Belomo.


While I'd not be inclined to get a 20x Belomo, it would be a very close call for me between this one and a 15x Belomo. The lens is much larger on

this model than a Belomo which helps when you go to higher power loupes. I would take a 20x in this model Before I'd take a 20x Belomo.


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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Bruce, I can't find the LED loupe you pictured on the site you linked.


The Moonwalk Pen - honoring Apollo lunar landings

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Guest Ray Cornett

I absolutely love this one I got for $4 and free shipping. I got mine on Amazon, though. Love it so much I am considering a few more as gifts. They make an extra fine nib look like a BB,lol. There is also a tiny very bright LED bulb under each lens for when you might need more light.The case it slides into is metal. I have used that part as an extra work surface in nib adjusting. It comes in a really heavy duty plastic clam shell case.



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