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Parker Im Vs Im Premium


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Hi, fountain pen newbie here!


Please could someone tell me the difference (except for finish) between the Parker IM and IM Premium pens?


The two I am looking at in particular are: http://www.parkerpen.com/en-US/im-premium-matt-black-fountain-pen---medium-stainless-steel-nib and http://www.parkerpen.com/en-US/shop-online/im-black-fountain-pen---medium-stainless-steel-nib


These are both the same price on Amazon so I want to know what makes the Premium premium!


Many thanks in advance,


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Premium's just have a fancier finish, that's all. Out of those two I'd pick the Premium. (But, to be honest, knowing Parker's current quality, I'd choose a different brand altogether.)

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Hi, The pens are the same regarding the nib, feed and the way they will write, assuming the same nib widths.

The difference is only in the colour and finish, and if you are prepared to pay for the more complicated designs.

It's worth saying that the 'Urban' has the same nib and feed design, if you can try both of them, 'back to back', it might be worthwhile.

This nib is the same design (if a more plain one) as used in the 'Jotter' and 'Vector', if you have used either of those before.

The current price on these can vary a great deal, worth the time to search around for 'best' prices, obviously.

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